Travel Guide of Osaka, Japan

This website is an “Osaka Tourism Magazine” updated daily
with recommended spots that we, who actually live in Osaka,
would certainly like you to visit during your trip to our city.
We manage this website with the cooperation of several bloggers who are famous in Osaka to introduce stores and facilities that we would like for you to visit during your actual trip to Osaka.

List of cooperating bloggers

Below are the three objectives that
we would like to achieve
through this website.

To attract as many people as possible to visit Osaka by giving out information about the city, its culture,
and food, that cannot be found in guide books.
To have people who visit Osaka experience the real good things and delicious foods that the city has to offer, so they will really enjoy the trip and return back home satisfied.
To make store managers, staff and employees at various facilities happy by having travelers go to their stores or facilities thanks to the information on our website.

What is BATTERA?

BATTERA is a type of mackerel oshizushi (pressed sushi) original from Osaka.
This is a popular kind of sushi made by soaking the mackerel in vinegar, placing it with vinegared rice in a special wooden box and pressing it.
The name comes from the Portuguese word “batteira,” which means small boat.
BATTERA received this name because its shape reminds one of a small boat.

There are still many unknown cultural aspects, delicious foods and lovely spots in Osaka, just like BATTERA.
The BATTERA staff will do its best to introduce as many of these as possible so that you will enjoy your trip to the full and fall in love with the city of Osaka.