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Bechamel Cafe

Bechamel Cafe

Equipped with electrical power outlets and WiFi. A cute natural cafe!

Bechamel Cafe is now open at the North Mall of Whity Umeda!
The cafe is open for long hours, so you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, cafe and dinner here.
It is an open-space cafe that has a natural and cute atmosphere.

The good thing is that the cafe is equipped with power outlets and WiFi for laptop use and smartphone charging, making it convenient for everyone♪

There is a wide variety of drinks available besides pancakes, baked-rice and pastas.
Interestingly, the wine design that is made of paper, without any antioxidant, is very fashionable~!
The wine that can also satisfies wine lovers comes in a perfect glass size.
As one can finish this wine in one go, it is really handy and recommended~!

The use of “kelp dashi”, a favorite of Osaka people, in pastas and baked rices creates a unique depth in taste.

■ Seafood Baked Rice 787 Yen
(Crab + shrimp + squid + vegetables + cheese + Bechamel sauce)
Full-bodied and smooth Bechamel sauce topped over plenty of seafood is delicious〜♪
Eggplant of the season also matches very well with the cheese.

■ Cod-roe with Okra Pasta 787 Yen
Kelp and Dashi form the accent of this dish.
The pearly texture of cod-roe with sticky okra is embedded within the noodles to create a delicious taste!

■ Hamburger & Egg Dish Pancake 80’s 682 Yen
The pancake hides the voluminous hamburger and simmering scrambled eggs.
Fluffy pancakes have a slightly sweet taste◎
This also comes with a salad.

■ Pancake 80’s (2 slices) 350 Yen
(Maple syrup + butter)
*Pancake 80’s (1 slice) (+ 105 Yen)
*Whipped cream (+105 Yen)
*Chocolate Banana (+210 Yen)
*Raspberry & Whipped cream (+210 Yen)
*Custard and Whipped cream (+210 Yen)
*Fruits (+210 Yen)

The new nostalgic ‘Pancake 80’s’ re-create the gentle taste of hotcakes in the 80s.
Choosing from so many available toppings is also fun~(*^o^*)



store Bechamel Cafe
tel 06-6361-4470
address No-sumo-ru2, WHITYumeda, Umedachikagai2-9, Kakudacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 304m from the Osaka Municipal Subway Umeda Station
opening hours 9:00 ~ 23:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



A housewife who, more than shopping or anything, loves to try out foods. Especially likes "local foods", vegetables and delicacies. Drinks shochu on the rocks, and likes dry sake and full-bodied wine. Has many food-related qualifications such as: Vegetable Sommelier, Food Analyst, Food Life Advisor, Cooking Certificate, Japan Chopsticks Education Instructor, Oyster Meister.