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Sennichimae “BISTRO Ajito”

Sennichimae “BISTRO Ajito”

A great value lunch now available at the sister store of a popular restaurant!

For lunch today, I decided to visit “BISTRO Ajito” a teppan bistro in Sennichimae.

This is the sister store of “DINING Ajito”, an extremely popular restaurant which is right nearby.
“BISTRO Ajito” is on the 2nd floor, above a standing bar.

Hearing that the bistro had started serving lunch on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, I raced straight over!

The lunch menu offers three versions of a dish based on “teppan naporitan,” which is one of my favorite dishes. Today I ate “200 g hamburger and naporitan” for 980yen.

When ordering this dish, you’re allowed to choose the amount of naporitan pasta that you’d like. People with big appetites can enjoy a large serving free of charge! I felt like ordering a large serving, but when I thought about what would come later, I decided to just go for the regular amount. But even that was so generous!

Served on the piping hot teppan plate, you’ll find a big hamburger that has an unabashed presence plus a large serve of naporitan, all surrounded by a generous amount of bubbling demi-glace sauce. Full points for making an impact!


I try out the hamburger combined with the generous serving of demi-glace sauce…


…and it’s fantastic!

The elegant, luxurious taste of the demi-glace sauce brings out the meaty flavor of the hamburger!

Draft beer


Drinking beer at lunchtime is just great, isn’t it?


Ajito’s distinctive naporitan!


It’s delicious!!

While this naporitan is oozing with the flavor of luxury, it also gives you a vaguely nostalgic, rustic feeling, which makes for an impressive combination!

Grilling it on the teppan also adds to the great taste!



Offering your choice of serving sizes for rice and pasta, plus a side salad, at 980yen, the “200 g hamburger and naporitan” is a superb bargain meal!

For people who live on nothing but naporitan, the restaurant also serves “teppan de naporitan” at a mere 680yen (large serves free of charge)!






I also asked to take a look at the dinner menu. In addition to a very tempting selection of teppan dishes, it also offers the popular “DINING Ajito” menu, right here in this store!

I was also impressed by the discerning selection of drinks!


Located on the 2nd floor, above the standing bar, with a private room for 10–12 people, and another that seats up to 30 people, “Stand Ajito” is also ready to host your large parties!

You can also ask the chef to prepare a course of your favorite dishes, matched to your budget!


store BISTRO Ajito
tel 06-6633-1577
address 15-4, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 120m from Namba Station
opening hours 18:00~23:30
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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