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“DOUASSYU” A French restaurant in Shinsaibashi that knows how to make a great lunch where even dessert is delicious!

“DOUASSYU” A French restaurant in Shinsaibashi that knows how to make a great lunch where even dessert is delicious!

“DOUASSYU” in Shinsaibashi is a French restaurant where you can have lunch with delicious sweets. I recommend it for a date!


For you who are searching for a nice place in Shinsaibashi to enjoy a great lunch as well as sweets, I recommend the French restaurant “DOUASSYU”!


The shop is located about a five minute walk east of Shinsaibashi Station.


Upon entering the shop, you can see a number of awards and trophies decorating the left-hand side.
It looks as if they have won various competitions, so you can count on the chefs’ ability.


On the right hand side are counter seats, and further inside there is table seating.


In addition, on the second floor there is an elegant space like a private room.


It’s a wonderful space where adults can enjoy a refined time.


This time, I ate lunch at one of the first-floor tables.
With its high ceiling, it is an open space where you don’t feel any pressure.
You can enjoy a relaxing lunch while bathing in natural light.


The lunch menu is broadly divided into the three types below.
■Menu Luxueux à (5,000 yen; 5,900 yen including tax and service charges)
A full course meal with eight plates, including the meal and dessert. A drink and dessert are included after the meal.
For the meat dish, you can select either a Japanese beef dish or the daily meat dish.

■Menu Avantarge à (3,600 yen; 4,200 yen including tax and service charges)
A full course meal with six plates, including the meal and dessert. A drink and dessert are included after the meal.
You can select a meat dish.

■Menu Léger à (2,200 yen; 2,600 yen including tax and service charges)
Four plates, including the meal and dessert. A drink is included after the meal.
For your main dish, you can choose from fish or meat.
This time, I ordered the Menu Léger à.


In addition to the three items above, there is also a dessert course (only eight are served on a first-come, first-served basis; 1,180 yen).
This is a premium course that is only possible to get when the seats are not filled with reservations.


I began my lunchtime with champagne.
It had a delicious fruity taste like candy, dangerously good in that I felt that I could drink quite a bit of it.


The appetizer was fried Lake Biwa salmon and fine vegetables.
The sauce and nuts such as chestnut brought out the flavor of the salmon, and the balance of sweet and salty made this a wonderful dish.


Flavorful, fresh-baked bread with cheese inside.
Not only flavorful and sweet, you can also enjoy the full-bodied flavor of the cheese in this extravagant bread.


You can accent the bread with high quality Spanish olive oil and French salt.
Personally, I recommend eating the bread with both.


The next dish was pumpkin soup.


Warm pumpkin soup is drizzled over pumpkin ice cream.


The temperature difference between the warm soup and cold ice cream is stimulating.
You can fully enjoy the creamy sauce and sweetness of the rich pumpkin flavor.
It’s soooooo delicious!!!!


While I was still savoring the aftertaste of the pumpkin soup, the main dish appeared.
It was a steak of Sangenton pork from Yamagata Prefecture, topped with mustard sauce made from Tasmanian mustard seed, paired with vegetables including Hikari lotus root.
The savory taste of the meat and strong natural flavor of the vegetables was a wonderful combination.
The sauce had some spice to it, an accent that brought out the natural flavors.
Sooooo good!!
It was a very satisfying dish that let me enjoy the depths of French cuisine.


After the excellent main dish was the long-awaited dessert.


A pear tart.


Custard pudding made with egg whites and honey, without using egg yolks.


Milk sorbet.


I had a luxurious time enjoying these desserts with flavorful coffee.
Each of them was as delicious as if they were sweets purchased at a patisserie.


By the way, if you order the Menu Avantarge à course or higher, a flower tower decorated with sweets appears in front of you, and it seems that you can enjoy many more sweets.
I definitely want to experience this flower tower next time.


Everything was delicious. Thank you for the wonderful meal!
I was very satisfied to enjoy such a great lunch for just 2,600 yen at a fashionable French restaurant in Shinsaibashi.


Finally, I took a picture with the chefs.
I was very impressed that such young chefs were supplying such high-quality dishes.


The fact that you can’t enter the restaurant unless it’s 2:00pm due to the seats being filled to capacity testifies to what a wonderful French restaurant this is.
・For people looking for a delicious French lunch in Shinsaibashi
・For people who want to enjoy an elegant lunch in a fashionable space in the Shinsaibashi area
・For people looking for a reasonable restaurant for a date in Shinsaibashi
I recommend “DOUASSYU”!
Because the restaurant often becomes filled to capacity, please make reservations in advance!


tel 06-6258-6333
address 1-7-18, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 247m from Nagahoribashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30, 17:30~22:00
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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