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“RISTORANTE HiRo”’s Italian lunch with delicious desserts

“RISTORANTE HiRo”’s Italian lunch with delicious desserts

If you are looking for an Italian lunch with delicious desserts in Umeda, Osaka, I recommend “RISTORANTE HiRo” in Breezé Breezé!


I highly recommend “RISTORANTE HiRo”, located on the 5th floor of Breezé Breezé, to anybody looking to have a reasonably priced Italian lunch in a trendy space in Umeda, Osaka.
In this restaurant, you can have an authentic Italian lunch starting at 1000 yen.


If you are on your work break and do not have much time, you can have an informal lunch at their counter seats.


And if you want to have a relaxed lunch while enjoying a chat, you can use their table seats. This is a great restaurant that you can use in many different situations.


This time, I sat at one of their table seats.


At their table seats, you can choose between three different course meals starting respectively at 1500 yen (pasta, homemade bread, daily gelato, and a drink,) 2500 yen (appetizer, pasta, homemade bread, a dessert of your choice, and a drink,) and 4000 yen.
*Their cover charge is 5%, and tax is not included in the price.
This time I ordered the 1500 yen course meal, I had the pasta dish upgraded to “freshwater prawn pasta” (plus 1000 yen,) and I added a salad (plus 500 yen) and a dessert (plus 300 yen.)


First, I had their freshly baked bread.


Since it is freshly baked, its aromatic smell fills the air before you even eat it, exciting your appetite.


Every time you take a bite of this bread, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, its aroma and gentle sweetness spread within your mouth.
All the three types available were freshly baked – the flavor of the wheat was so amazing and delicious that I could have kept eating bread forever.


As I was indulging in the delicious bread, they brought the Caesar salad (500 yen,) made using half a whole lettuce.
The fresh lettuce, the aromatic bacon, the sour taste of the tomatoes and the rich flavor of the cheese match exquisitely.
The dressing that brings all the ingredients together was incredibly delicious!


After I enjoyed the salad, the main pasta dish was served.
This is RISTORANTE HiRo’s staple bavette, topped off with an impressive amount of freshwater prawns (plus 1000 yen.)


This is a gorgeous pasta dish that uses no less than 4 whole freshwater prawns!


The meat of the prawns is very tender.
They are lightly seasoned so you can fully appreciate the flavor of the prawns themselves.


The pasta, which mingles well with the flavor of the prawns, has the perfect texture and is firm to the bite.
Since the dish does not have any additional seasoning but the essence of the prawns, it is light and one can finish it off in the blink of an eye.
This is a pasta dish that I would like for everybody who loves prawns to have!


And, last but not least, the long awaited dessert time is here!
They prepared this assorted plate of desserts for an extra 300 yen.


Chiboust, chocolate gelato, and black figs from Osaka.


Homemade caramel gelato.


A sweet with a bonnet (chocolate flavored pudding) on top of an amaretti (a sweet made with meringue.)
All the sweets were delicious, but my favorite were the caramel gelato and the chocolate gelato.
I was fascinated by the slightly bitter caramel and the fruity flavor of the chocolate.
It was delicious. Thank you for the meal!


“RISTORANTE HiRo” is a lovely restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic Italian lunch at a reasonable price.
The interior of the restaurant, trendy and calm, is also amazing, and I would recommend it for dates or girls-only gatherings.
I would like to come here for dinner next time!
I recommend “RISTORANTE HiRo” in Breezé Breezé:
– to people who want to have lunch at a fashionable place in Umeda, Osaka
– to people who want to have a delicious Italian lunch at a reasonable price in Umeda, Osaka
– to people looking for a restaurant to go with a date in Umeda, Osaka



tel 06-6343-6966
address Breezé Breezé 5F, 2-4-9, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 168m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 11:30~15:30 , 18:00~23:00
holiday Open every day (Same holidays as Breezé Breezé)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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