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“Seiichiro,NISHIZONO” opened in “Nish-ku, Osaka,” an area of fierce sweets competition!

“Seiichiro,NISHIZONO” opened in “Nish-ku, Osaka,” an area of fierce sweets competition!

A former freelance chef opened this long-awaited patisserie!


A former freelance chef opened this long-awaited patisserie.
I visited it immediately.


The store is 5 minutes on foot from the Osaka Municipal Subway Higobashi Station.


Lots of bouquets to celebrate the opening, not only at the entrance, but also inside.
I have seen many newly opened stores in the past, but I have never seen so many flowers for a patisserie.


Upon entering the store is a display case for cakes. On the left is an eat-in space.


Baked sweets were displayed at the counter on the right.


I did stop by just before 19:00, but the cakes were nearly sold out.
Out of the remaining cakes, I chose the following 3.


Chocolate and caramel cake “Fleur De Chine ” (¥500 : tax not included).


White chocolate mousse with the sourness of raspberries and saltiness of chestnuts, finished with a rose fragrance “Doramatic” (¥500 : tax not included).


A cheesecake with Camembert cheese “Gateu Camembert” (¥500 : tax not included).
All of these had not only great flavors, but also fragrances, and were original sweets not found at other stores.


The cash register is an iPad; that and other parts of the interior are simple and give focus to the sweet, which is great.


After opening the store, the chef himself stands at the register and interacts directly with customers. Chef Nishizono, who values connecting with others, is one to choose this system.
Even in the fierce battlefield of the “Nishi-ku area of Osaka,” with its rows of sweets shops, “Seiichiro,NISHIZONO” is bound to become a popular spot, and I am looking forward to the evolution of this patisserie.
• For those who love French sweets
• For those who like rose and other fragrances
• For those looking for cakes that pair with wine and other alcoholic beverages
I recommend “Seiichiro,NISHIZONO”, which opened near Utsubo Park!


store Seiichiro,NISHIZONO
tel 06-6136-7771
address 1-12-25, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 461m from Higobashi Station
opening hours 11:00~20:00
holiday Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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