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back haus IRIE’s popular Cream-Filled Bread at Daimaru Umeda

back haus IRIE’s popular Cream-Filled Bread at Daimaru Umeda

back haus IRIE's Cream-Filled Bread is filled with cream that is smooth like pudding and one can easily understand why it is so sought-after.


Speaking of popular shops in the basement food floor of Osaka Umeda, GRAND Calbee and GATEAU FESTA HARADA are well-known, but recently there is another shop that gets long lines for a limited-time product.
It’s back haus IRIE’s Cream-Filled Bread sold at Daimaru Umeda Main Shop for a limited time and number.


Partly because it had aired on TV, there were long lines today too.
Sold 3 times a day at 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM, over 1000 Cream-Filled Breads sell out immediately every day.


Up to 10 per person!?
Does this mean it’s so yummy that there are persons who buy more than 10?
As a lover of cream-filled breads, it was worth checking out. So I got this Cream-Filled Bread!


back haus IRIE’s Cream-Filled Bread (130 yen) is popular for its generous amount of custard cream in the bread.
There are 85g of custard cream (to 45g of bread) that is made from choice ingredients such as good quality eggs and fresh milk.
If you have a sweet tooth, you will find it hard to resist this bread that has nearly twice as much cream inside.
Okay, let’s eat!


The custard cream’s texture is soft like a smooth pudding.
The mild sweetness spreads in my mouth.
The fragrant bread matches it well and accentuates the cream.
Sooooo yummy!!!!
It was a delicious cream-filled bread that told the delicate care put in to bring out each ingredient’s flavor.


back haus IRIE’s Cream-Filled Bread is available at Daimaru Umeda’s basement food floor.
・If you love cream-filled bread
・If you love custard pudding
・If you love sweets using custard cream
I recommend back haus IRIE’s Cream-Filled Bread


store back haus IRIE's
tel 06-6343-1231
address East side, B1F, Daimaru umedaten, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 102m from Umeda Station (Hanshin)
opening hours 10:00~20:00
holiday Same holidays as Daimaru Umeda
Original(Written in Japanese)



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