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Sitting in to sample the delicious chocolate cake “creme de chocolat” from the POIRE cafe in Tezukayama.

Sitting in to sample the delicious chocolate cake “creme de chocolat” from the POIRE cafe in Tezukayama.

For a delicious chocolate cake that melts in your mouth, I recommend the creme de chocolat from POIRE!


POIRE unveiled some amazing cakes at the sweets party held the other day.


This time, I visited the Tezukayama main store.


I enjoyed a chocolate cake inside the cafe.


The delicious appearance and subtle taste of almost all POIRE cakes is amazing, so just looking at the cake menu makes you excited.


It was hard to decide, but in the end, I chose the creme de chocolat (¥540: excluding tax).
This is a cake which has creme brulee enclosed in a chocolate mousse.
I really enjoyed the texture of the mousse.


The chocolate mousse melted and disappeared straight away. Truly melt in your mouth stuff.
The balance of slightly bitter chocolate taste and creme brulee was exquisite, a blissful taste that makes you wish the after taste will never stop.
The slight acidity from the raspberry is the spice that gives the entire cake an elegant feel.
Soooooo tasty!
I was nothing short of amazed by the way it melts in your mouth so easily, the flavour and the after taste.
This is a delicious chocolate cake that you, as a lover of melt in your mouth chocolate, need to experience for yourself.


This time, I got tea with my cake. I was greatly satisfied by this fantastic tea, made using Ronnefeldt tea leaves, it had a rich and sweet aroma and left a mild after taste.


Even from this large selection of high quality tea, the staff member was able to select a tea for me that would go with my chocolate cake, and I was very grateful for this.


This is an extremely popular shop with customers visiting all throughout the day. Today wasn’t any different.



・For lovers of delicate cakes that melt in your mouth.
・For lovers of cakes with delicious chocolate.
・For those who want to sit in at a stylish cafe which also has tasty tea
I recommend the POIRE main store in Tezukayama!



store POIRE
tel 06-6623-1101
address 1-6-16, Tezukayama, Abeno-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 34m from Himematsu Station
opening hours 9:00~22:00
holiday Open every day
Original(Written in Japanese)



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