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The Ritz-Carlton Osaka’s “Japanese Mont Blanc.”  I was so impressed by the ultimate Japanese style Mont Blanc with which you can enjoy the flavor of green tea and chestnuts at the same time!

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka’s “Japanese Mont Blanc.” I was so impressed by the ultimate Japanese style Mont Blanc with which you can enjoy the flavor of green tea and chestnuts at the same time!

If you are looking to enjoy green tea and chestnuts to their full extent, I recommend The Ritz-Carlton Osaka's Japanese Mont Blanc!


If you love green tea and chestnuts, I would like to recommend you The Ritz-Carlton Osaka’s “Japanese Mont Blanc” (650 yen.)


The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is, of course, a famous representative of luxury hotels not only in Osaka but in the world.
I like the rich fragrance of the hallway that enwraps you the instant you step in so much that I cannot help but dropping in when I pass nearby.


It is within this comfortable hotel that you will find a charming Gourmet Shop selling sweets and bread.
It sells not only sweets, but it also has a corner specializing in chocolate, which surely helps visitors understand how invested The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is in its sweets.


They have many attractive cakes on display within their showcase.
It took me 5 minutes to make up my mind, but in the end I chose the “The Ritz-Carlton Cake” (Chocolate Cake) and the “Japanese Mont Blanc” (Chestnut and Green Tea Cake.)


“The Ritz-Carlton Cake” was delicious too, but this time I would like to focus my report on the “Japanese Mont Blanc” (650 yen.)


This may be irrelevant, but walking around while holding a paper bag from The Ritz-Carlton makes me feel as if I was some kind of smaller celebrity, and I personally like their paper bags.


Something that tends to happen a lot when I buy Mont Blancs to take away is that the cream touches the box and the edge of the cake becomes smudged.
This time I was very careful, and I was relieved to see that the shape of the cake was intact.


The name of “The Ritz-Carlton” written on both sides supporting the Mont Blanc gives it a luxurious feeling.
I will be having it now.


The contrast of the different textures of the sticky chestnut cream, the soft dough and the green tea cream feels so good.
The rich flavor of the chestnuts and the bitterness of the green tea spread fully within the mouth.


The bitter taste of the Ritz chocolate mixes well with the green tea and acts as an accent that brings out the flavor of the chestnuts.
I enjoyed the flavor of the chestnuts, the bitter taste of green tea and the flavor of chocolate with this delicious Mont Blanc.


The Gourmet Shop in The Ritz-Carlton Osaka opens all throughout the year, so you can buy delicious sweets there anytime.

I recommend the Gourmet Shop in The Ritz-Carlton Osaka to:
– those who love both chestnuts and green tea.
– those who love delicious sweets with chocolate.
– those who are looking for yummy sweets in Umeda, Osaka.



store The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
tel 06-6343-7000
address The Ritz-Carlton Osaka1F, 2-5-25, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 323m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 9:00~21:00(cakes: 10:00~)
holiday Open every day
Original(Written in Japanese)



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