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Awaza “ninOval cafe”  Thrilled with the Pancake of Happiness topped luxuriously with chocolate and granola!

Awaza “ninOval cafe” Thrilled with the Pancake of Happiness topped luxuriously with chocolate and granola!

ninOval cafe is recommended if you want to enjoy the ultimate fluffy soufflé pancake topped with plenty of delicious chocolate sauce!


When I crave a fluffy soufflé pancake, I immediately think of the “Pancake of Happiness” at “ninOval cafe”. I went there because I began to want that texture for the first time in a while.


“ninOval cafe” is five minutes by foot to the west of Awaza Station of the Osaka Municipal Subway.


There is a staircase going underground behind the building. The entry door is by the window.


To enter, open the door with the poster that has the menu on it.


The interior is simply decorated with a white color scheme.
There are counter seats by the window and table seats, and pairs of couples and women were streaming into the place.


The following five pancakes were on the menu:
•The Pancake of Happiness (¥1100)
•Hot Chocolate Pancake with Homemade Granola Topping (¥1000)
•Berry and Blackcurrant Sauce Pancake (¥1000)
•Black Tea Milk Pancake with Homemade Granola Topping (¥1100)
•Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pancake (¥1200)
For an additional ¥100 you can have a vanilla ice cream topping on a pancake menu item.


Because I had the Pancake of Happiness last time, this time I chose the Hot Chocolate Pancake (with Homemade Granola Topping). For the drink, I chose the black tea, which uses high grade tea leaves (Ceylon: ¥460).


I was told to wait 15 minutes until it would be complete, and after a bit of leisurely waiting the pancake arrived!


I was surprised by the fluffiness of the Hot Chocolate Pancake (with Homemade Granola Topping) and the appearance of the ample chocolate sauce.


It even seemed fluffier than the Pancake of Happiness that I had during my previous visit.


It’s too wonderful that they weren’t stingy with the homemade granola and chocolate sauce.


I will first try just the pancake.
So delicious!!!!
It melts in the mouth and spreads a sweet flavor.
It is good that it is reserved in its sweetness, perhaps because it can be had with chocolate sauce.


Next I will try it together with the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
So delicious!!!!!
The rich chocolate sauce is perfectly matched to the pancake with its reserved sweetness.
The whipped cream with its reserved sweetness is an accent that really brings out the flavor of the chocolate and pancake.


I love fluffy soufflé type pancakes, so for me this pancake is delicious beyond measure.
It was so matched to my tastes that, while it wasn’t the Pancake of Happiness, I had a genuinely happy experience.


Everything including the black tea (Ceylon) was delicious. What a wonderful meal!


Even though Awaza is a quiet area on weekends, there are many couples and female customers who come to “ninOval cafe” for the Pancake of Happiness.


“ninOval cafe” in Awaza is recommended for:
•Those who love fluffy and soft pancakes.
•Those who want to enjoy delicious black tea.
•Those who want everything by enjoying chocolate and pancakes at the same time.


store ninOval cafe
tel 06-6447-1515
address Osakafuritsu Enokojima bunkageijutsusozo center B1F, 2-1-34, Enokojima, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 251m from Awaza Station
opening hours 11:30~18:30
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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