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Tennoji Nakatani Tei’s Delicious Chocolate Cakes

Tennoji Nakatani Tei’s Delicious Chocolate Cakes

Caraibe at ”Nakatani Tei” is recommended if you are looking for a delicious and rich chocolate cake in Osaka!


”Nakatani Tei” is located in Tennoji and it is recommended if you are looking for a delicious chocolate cake in Osaka.
The chocolate sweets at ”Nakatani Tei” are especially recommeneded.


The first thing you see when you enter is the showcase lined with beautiful sweets.


They had “Stollen” over the Christmas season as well.


I was surprised by the chocolate Christmas tree.
Even if you were to buy it, the chocolate is almost too cute to eat.


I went to this wonderful shop with the goal of enjoying a delicious chocolate cake.


When I asked the staff there, they recommended “Caraibe” (¥486).


Today I will report on “Caraibe” (¥486).


I fell in love at first sight with the beautiful mirror-like luster of this chocolate cake.


I will have the thin chocolate on the surface first.
So good!!!!
The bitter chocolate and the fragrance of the nuts is a great combination. Expectations for the main part are heightened by this taste.
Next, I will have the main cake.


This is also so good!!!!
The top half is “Ganache” made using Carribean cacao, and the lower part is a flour cake if I am not mistaken, but I was suprised by the texture that melts in your mouth without chewing.
You can really enjoy the straight acidity and bitterness of cacao.


The orange-like citrus acidity of the Bon Bon Chocolaton the top really accents the bitter chocolate flavor.


Note that it is topped not just with chocolate but with Cacao Nibs as well, so you can enjoy the bitterness, astringency and acidity of the pre-chocolate state.


“Nakatani Tei” has not only chocolate cakes but also a wide selection of Orangettes and baked sweets, and tablet (bar) chocolates. This sweets shop is heaven for chocolate lovers.


”Nakatani Tei” located in Tennoji is recommended for:
•Those who love chocolate cakes
•Those who are searching for a gift for a chocolate-lover
•Those looking for eat-in delicious chocolate sweets


store Nakatani Tei
tel 06-6773-5240
address Nakagawa Building 1F, 6-6-27, Uehommachi, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 193m from Osaka Uehonmachi Station
opening hours 10:00~19:00
holiday Mondays and the third Tuesday of the month.
Original(Written in Japanese)



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