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“Les Petites Papillotes” in Kyomachibori, Nishi Ward, Osaka.

“Les Petites Papillotes” in Kyomachibori, Nishi Ward, Osaka.

If you are looking for delicious chocolate cakes in Nishi Ward, Osaka, I recommend “Les Petites Papillotes”, located in Kyomachibori.


After dropping by “Tsukifunecho”, a hideaway-like café in Nishi Ward, I went to “Les Petites Papillotes”, its adjacent store, which specializes in chocolate.


“Les Petites Papillotes” is a chocolaterie (shop specializing in chocolate) that opened in 2012.
This is a shop specializing in chocolate where customers can enjoy chocolates handmade by the French chocolatier.


As you enter the shop, you will find their chocolates showcase immediately on the right.


Next to it is their cake showcase.


During the summer they also sell gelato (ice cream,) but they were currently displaying chocolate tablets and baked sweets.
The shop features an “eat-in” space, so customers can enjoy not only their sweets but also drinks such as hot chocolate on the spot.


This time I bought two cakes to take away.
They had many innovative-looking and charming products so it was hard to choose, but I got their Anglaise (470 yen; tax included.)
The Anglaise is an innovative chocolate cake that looks as if lava was flowing down from a mountain.


I wondered what its inside looked like.
I ate it after imagining what the section would look like if the cake was cut, along with what kind of texture and taste it might have.


The chocolate, which broke with a snapping sound, was filled abundantly with richly flavored chocolate mousse and crème anglaise (a sauce made with vanilla beans.)
The Crème anglaise (sauce made with vanilla beans,) which flowed out of the cake as if it was Fondant au chocolat, mixed gently with the richly flavored chocolate mousse, making its soft sweetness resound against the bitter taste.


The smell of the liquor from the moist dough base acts as an accent that brings out the fruity aroma of the cocoa.
The aroma of the liquor as its exhaled feels irresistibly good – one cannot help but smile at this amazingly delicious chocolate cake, a result of the combination of the tastes of vanilla beans and liquor.


“Les Petites Papillotes” is a lovely shop where one can enjoy delicious chocolate cakes, including the one described last time.
I recommend “Les Petites Papillotes”, near Utsubo Park, to:
– those who love chocolate.
– those who love cakes made with chocolate.
– those looking for delicious chocolate in Osaka.


store Les Petites Papillotes
tel 06-6443-7875
address 1F, OH MILLS Kyomachibori, 1-12-24, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 466m from Higobashi Station
opening hours 11:00~20:00, [Sun. and National holidays] 11:00~18:30
holiday Monday , Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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