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Ohatsu Tenjin “Kobe Nishimura Coffee” : We tried the Mont Blanc at this shop where you can enjoy delicious coffee and sweets!

Ohatsu Tenjin “Kobe Nishimura Coffee” : We tried the Mont Blanc at this shop where you can enjoy delicious coffee and sweets!

“Kobe Nishimura Coffee” in OhatsuTenjin is a café where you can enjoy authentic sweets even after drinks!


Today we would like to introduce a Café where you can stop by and enjoy sweets even after a dinner party.
That café is…


Kobe Nishimura Coffee.
While the main store of Kobe Nishimura Coffee is in Kobe as the name suggest, we visited the store in Umeda yesterday.
The store is on the first floor of the Umeda Kagetsu building. It is a hub for many bars in Umeda that are busy with parties.


The high-ceiling store interior has plenty of table seating.
The store is also fully equipped with smoking seats, so you can enjoy the café even if you are a smoker or going out to drinks with smokers.


The space on the right as soon as you enter the store is an exclusive showcase for sweets where you can enjoy sweets other than coffee and parfait.


Incidentally, there were 12 kinds of sweets in the menu.


There is a lavish line-up from baked goods like Kugelhopf to Petit Gateau such as Mont Blanc and Fraisier.
Since we visited at around 21:30, there were many sweets that were sold out.


While we thought it was surprising that a coffee shop would hold such a lavish variety of sweets, it turns out that the sweets are supplied by SECESSION.
* SECESSION is a sweets brand of the Nishimura Coffee group.


Although there was an enticing cavalcade of sweets, the sweet that Chihiro chose this time was the Mont Blanc. (550 yen)


Incidentally, the other accompanying members ordered the “Chocolat du Kouglof” and the “Apfelstrudel”.


As we ordered the sweets as a drink set (1000 yen), we enjoyed them with some rich aroma coffee.


First we tried the marron glacé on the top.
The pleasingly mellow marron is filled with the flavor of western liqueur.
The sweet has a rich finish combined with a firm sweetness.


Next we tried the main cream.
The marron cream was firm on the surface but thickly creamy on the inside and full of sweetness.
It was a taste that went well with the deep body of the “Kobe Nishimura Coffee”.


The sweets were delicious and very enjoyable.
There was a strong sweet sensation overall.
It seems as if the taste of the sweets were tailored for the enjoyment of coffee, considering that this is a coffee shop.
We would love to try a different kind of sweet next time.


・For anyone who would like a coffee break after drinks
・For anyone who would like to enjoy some deserts after drinks
・For anyone looking for a café in the Ohatsu Tenjin shopping district where you can enjoy sweets in-store
We recommend “Kobe Nishimura Coffee” in Ohatsu Tenjin.


store Kobe Nishimura Coffee
tel 06-6311-2468
address Swing Umeda1F, 2-15-20, Sonezaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 164m from Higashi-Umeda Station
opening hours 8:30~23:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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