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cica: Enjoying original art pancakes!

cica: Enjoying original art pancakes!

At cica, which draws original art, I enjoyed my fill of art pancakes that depicted a sheep! They were only available for a limited time (and the quantity was limited.)


cica is famous for its art and its sweets, using chocolate to draw original illustrations on a sweets plate that has such things as pancakes and French toast.


Early in the New Year, I wanted them to draw something for me, so I went for a visit.


The amazing thing about cica is that it has many illustrations overflowing with originality that are drawn by the artist Ms. Hasegawa.
The animal art that is depicted at the front of the cafe is especially a masterpiece.
The originality of the marriage between powerful animals and luxurious plants is wonderful, and draws you into its unique view of the world.


The inside of the cafe is also full of works of art, just like a gallery.


Just looking at the hybrid art that combines animals and flowers can be healing.


The very first thing that caught my eye when I looked at the cica menu was the art pancakes that depict a sheep (¥1,200). They were only available in January (and the quantity was limited).
The cute sheep pancakes seemed to be designed so that they were full of the wish that “everyone can have a year that is full of new things”.
I could not help but eat them, so I ordered them at once.


So that a picture can be drawn on the plate, it may take about 30 minutes before the pancakes at cica are ready.
Especially when you ask for original art, you should enjoy a relaxing wait while sipping your drink.


After a wait of 25 minutes, the art pancakes with a sheep appeared!


I sincerely thought that I could not eat something that impressed me like this, but first I concentrated on taking a photo.


So, let’s eat!


While it might be cruel, I started from the sheep’s face. (LOL)

The marriage of the crisp cookie and the milky fresh cream has a delicious taste that should make anyone happy.


Next, I ate the pancakes.
Crispy chocolate crunches and flavorful nuts were sprinkled on the pancakes that were completely covered in fresh cream.
The combination of the milky fresh cream and the bitter chocolate was excellent.
With the added accent of the flavorful nuts, I enjoyed the rich sweets-like taste that almost made me think they were not pancakes.


Because of the added tartness of the strawberries and blackberries that were not just bitter, I was able to eat all the pancakes without growing tired of them, and in fact I wanted to eat more.


Soothed by the art, and also completely satisfied with the taste. I fully enjoyed these special pancakes.
They were delicious. I was really rejuvenated. It was a wonderful treat.


By the way, this time I also ordered the French toast, and asked them to please draw a picture of the profile photo of me, Sweets Reporter Chihiro.
If you just look at the photo, it was really amazing that they could draw a picture this real with chocolate.
I was really, really impressed!
If you have an illustration or a photo, they will draw anything for you.
・For those who like pictures and sweets.
・For those who are looking for a sweets shop where they can go on a date.
・For those who have illustrations or photos that they would love to have drawn.
I recommend cica, which is right by the Tanimachi Rokuchome Station on the subway.



store cica
tel 080-4914-6545
address 1F, 6-3-25, Tanimachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 171m from Tanimachi 6-chome Station
opening hours 10:00~19:00
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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