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InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s ”Patisserie STRESSED”.

InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s ”Patisserie STRESSED”.

Looking to enjoy delicious chocolate cakes around the Umeda area of Osaka? Then look no further than InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s “Patisserie STRESSED”.


When the urge arises to eat delicious chocolate cakes in and around the Umeda area of Osaka, then I’d recommend a stop at Patisserie STRESSED, located on the 1st floor of the InterContinental Hotel Osaka.


At the InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s “Patisserie STRESSED”, you can relax and enjoy one of their exclusive cakes or bakery items alongside their original tea blends or coffee.


The warming yellow interior of the café creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere.


A large showcase in the center of the café displays all of their elegantly decorated cakes and bakery items.


The showcase is brimming with fantastic cakes.


An array of beautifully golden bread can be seen in the Bakery Corner.
It truly is a feast for the eyes!


Aside from bakery items and cakes, there’s also some very tempting bite-sized chocolate bonbons and macaroons to choose from.


The hotel even has their own original Granola.


This fabulous cafe is being introduced to you today from their sofa seats located at the rear.
It surely is the best place to kick your feet back and enjoy a cake or two with a coffee or tea.


While the bakery items seem very popular, today I ordered their ‘Cake Set’ (1,300 Yen).
You can choose the cake of your choice from their beautiful showcase.


For my drink I chose the InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s original take on the classy tea of TWG.


The adorably classy tea pot.


Even the cute tea strainer was shaped like a bird!


Enjoying the beautifully fragrant original tea blend while waiting for my cake to arrive.


I decided upon the below two cakes on this visit.


Black Forest Cake For Woman (650 Yen).
Light chocolate mixed with liqueur and filled with cherries surely is something that all women can enjoy. This sweet and sour cake meets the perfect balance of not too sweet; yet not too sour.


Chocolate Raspberry Mouse (650 Yen).


This is Bitter Ganache, a berry jam and soft chocolate sponge roll cake topped with rich caramel chocolate cream encased by bitter chocolate wings.
This chocolate cake is so rich I had to ask for more water. A must for anyone wanting to experience a chocolate haven.
The patissiers personality shines through both cakes making them even more delicious. What a great treat!
If you like light cakes, try the Black Forest Cake For Woman. For those who prefer their cakes rich, I’d recommend the Chocolate Raspberry Mouse.


At STRESSED, you can have hotel-quality cakes and bakery items to go.
On this visit, I chose two chocolate cakes, but on my next visit I would like to try one of their other tasty-looking sweets, such as their shortcake where you can choose the size of your serving!



store Patisserie STRESSED
tel 06-6374-5700
address InterContinental Hotel Osaka 1F, 3-60, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 405m from Osaka Station
opening hours 10:00~20:30
holiday Same holidays as InterContinental Hotel Osaka
Original(Written in Japanese)



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