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“Choco Latta” is the only shop in Kansai that specializes in Gateau Chocolat and they make a terrific gluten-free Gateau Chocolat!

“Choco Latta” is the only shop in Kansai that specializes in Gateau Chocolat and they make a terrific gluten-free Gateau Chocolat!

“Choco Latta” Gateau Chocolat is definitely recommended for anyone in search of a dense, rich, flour-less chocolate cake!


What’s this? A French-style taiyaki!! (fish-shaped pancake filled with sweet azuki bean paste)


Strolling through Matsuya-machi-suji, we came upon this sign!


What did we find, but the only Gateau Chocolat specialist in Osaka, in fact in all of Kansai— “Choco Latta”.
Friends had told us about how good this place was, so we were really excited to try it.


The showcase inside the shop is full of Gateau Chocolat slices starting at about ¥200.


There is just plain Gateau Chocolat but also some with strawberry or maccha green tea.


Gluten-free, rich dark Gateau Chocolat (¥350)


They even have a special Gateau Chocolat made with Kanemochi sake just for New Year’s season.


Inside the shop is an all-white decor with a really relaxed feeling.
There is counter seating to the left and tables on the right.


They have a lunch menu featuring curry, which the people at the next table were eating.
If you get the lunch set, for an extra ¥150 you get a nice slice of Gateau Chocolat which is a great option.


On the menu we saw this time was this great line-up of Gateau Chocolat.
・Gateau Chocolat
・Persian Milk Cake
・White Gateau Chocolat
・Maccha-machi Green Tea
・Specials (that day it was Kiun Good Fortune Gateau Chocolat)
・Rich Gateau Chocolat


We wanted to try a dense, rich chocolate, so we took the Rich Gateau Chocolat set (¥680).


It is a flourless Gateau Chocolat. Can’t wait to attack it!


The heavy richness of the first bite yields to a really savory dense chocolate flavor.
Besides the chocolate, there is a faint hint of almond which give a rich aroma to the cake.
For me, it was as easy to eat as a pie stick type of cookie, and the way the shape of the cake helped open up the chocolate flavor was also good.


The coffee that comes with the set is also carefully selected and brewed to be pretty strong, which goes really well with Gateau Chocolat and brings out its savory taste.
Eating this Gateau Chocolat was just like eating a chocolate bar.


“Choco Latta” is a great-looking shop where you can enjoy delicious varieties of Gateau Chocolat made with French and Belgian chocolate.
The chef has no prior confectionery training but tries experimenting with different flavors almost every day, which is another good reason to keep coming to this shop.


“Choco Latta” is highly recommended for:
・Anyone who loves chocolate
・Anyone who loves Gateau Chocolat
・Anyone who loves sweets that are made with chocolate

Gateau Chocolat


store Choco Latta
tel 06-6761-6565
address Matsuyamachi Grand Heitz 1F, 2-12-15, Kawarayamachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 450m from Matsuyamachi Station
opening hours 10:00~21:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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