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Shiawaseno Pancake Minamisemba Store: These tiramisu pancakes are hybrid pancakes that are available for only a limited time!

Shiawaseno Pancake Minamisemba Store: These tiramisu pancakes are hybrid pancakes that are available for only a limited time!

The "hybrid pancakes" at Shiawaseno Pancake that are available for only a limited time are tiramisu pancakes!


I visited Shiawaseno Pancake Minamisemba Store. While I have reported on Shiawaseno Pancake itself many times before, it was always at ninOval cafe in Awaza.
This time I visited the Minamisemba branch for my reporting, which is run by the chef who gave birth to Shiawaseno Pancake.


The inside of the shop was calm and simple, and was full of delicious aromas and the sound of implements beating meringues (LOL).


First of all, the fluffy pancakes are cooked on a hot plate.


After a 12-minute wait, the plump pancakes are done cooking.


At the same time, the espresso machine produces some espresso.


Chocolate sauce and whipped cream. With a cream cheese topping on top, the tiramisu pancakes that are available for only a limited time are ready!


A combination of fluffy pancakes and plenty of whipped cream.


The chocolate sauce flowing from the pancakes is fascinating!


Pour the espresso over the tiramisu pancakes and they are complete.


While I did not pour it very well this time, the point of this fun is to enjoy finishing them on your own, and tasting them.
I eat the pancakes while they are still warm.


The soft and fluffy pancakes have a golden texture. No matter how many times you eat it, you are impressed with the softness.
With only the rich chocolate sauce and the whipped cream that melts in your mouth, the harmony is splendid, but add to this the bitter taste of the espresso and the flavor of the cheese, and the depth of the taste is on display.
The texture and taste had all the high qualities that Chihiro favors!
These are definitely pancakes that you should try if you are someone who likes sweets that are soft, or if you love tiramisu.
・For those who love pancakes.
・For those who love sweets that are fluffy
・For men who prefer an adult taste that is bitter.
I recommend the tiramisu pancakes on sale at the Shiawaseno Pancake Minamisemba Store.



store Shiawaseno Pancake Minamisemba Store
tel 06-4708-3808
address Cregran Minamisenba1F, 2-11-30, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 302m from Nagahoribashi Station
opening hours [Wed.-Fri.] 12:00~20:00 [Sat.-Sun.and National holidays] 11:00~18:00 (Closed early depending on the availability of the ingredients)
holiday Monday and Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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