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Three types of sweets are melded to make the Triple Hybrid Pancake, appearing in all Butter stores!

Three types of sweets are melded to make the Triple Hybrid Pancake, appearing in all Butter stores!

At the pancake specialty shop, Butter, you can enjoy three types of sweets at once with the Triple Hybrid Pancake!


In 2015, the so-called “Hybrid Sweet,” which combines two types of sweets, has taken the spotlight.
But when I heard that there was a dish with not just two, but three combined sweets, I went to visit the pancake specialty shop, Butter, in Chayamachi.


A pancake that melds three types of sweets.
The following two types of Triple Hybrid Pancake were posted at the counter.
・Baked seasonal strawberry and berry pancake pie (¥1,280 with tax)
・Baked French Clock Monsieur pancake pie (¥1,400 with tax)


Both looked amazing, but, reeled in by the clerk stating, “This one is the most popular right now,” I chose the baked seasonal strawberry and berry pancake pie (¥1,280 with tax).
I waited 15 minutes after ordering. I was surprised to see that it looked just as good as the photos.


The main pancake is sandwiched between two pancakes soaked in a special apple sauce and cream cheese. What’s more, it’s wrapped in pie, then carefully baked in the oven.


This is a pancake just begging for girls to eat it.


Before I knew it, I’d eaten all the toppings.
Nestled inside the pie dough was a generous amount of soft and fluffy pancake.
The flavor of butter, the acidity of cream cheese, and the umami taste of coconut oil spread across your tongue.
Sooooooo good~!!!


There were plenty of toppings like custard cream and whipped cream, and berries like strawberries and raspberries, so I felt like I had eaten a lovely, decorated cake.
Cuteness, delicate textures, balance between the components, and taste. It lived up to the name Ultra Hybrid Pancake; everything about it was wonderful and creative. It was absolutely delicious.


Butter is a shop that specializes only in pancakes, so, other than these, there are many more varieties of pancakes, including limited editions, making this a cafe that you can enjoy no matter when you come.

・To people who love pancakes,
・To people looking for great tasting and innovative pancakes,
・To people looking for a delicious cafe with sweets that are perfect for dates,
I recommend the pancake specialty shop, Butter.


store Butter
tel 06-6374-1166
address Chayamachi Garden Building 2F, 4-4, Chayamachi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 114m from Umeda Station (Hankyu)
opening hours [Mon.-Sat.] 10:00~23:00 [Sunday and National holiday] 10:00~22:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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