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A delicious Italian lunch at “La Lucciola”

A delicious Italian lunch at “La Lucciola”

If you are looking to enjoy a delicious Italian lunch near Fukushima Station in Osaka, “La Lucciola” is the place for you!


The Fukushima area is central to Osaka’s famous eateries, and is 1 stop away from Osaka Station.
Today, we’ll do a report on “La Lucciola” located near Fukushima Station, where you can enjoy a delicious Italian lunch!


“La Lucciola” is an Italian restaurant owned by a celebrity chef featured on popular TV programs and well-known in the mass media world.


On the menu board, we see 1 item on the lunch menu for 1500 yen, but there was also a 3000 yen lunch listed on the menu inside the restaurant. 
I decided to go with the 3000 yen Oumi beef and pasta lunch course.


First arrived a piece of warmed bagette. The fragrance of the flour used in this bagette was marvelous.


The “antipasto” was mozzarella cheese derived from water buffalo milk. It went extremely well with the broccoli and egg sauce.
The Italian lemon honey provided a nice accent and brought out the flavor of the mouth-melting cheese.


The soft coating and juiciness of the fried Matoya oyster had a fabulous texture.


The bittersweet flavor of the oyster spreads all throughout the mouth.


The pasta was spaghetti with clams and mushrooms.
A masterwork, the essence of the clams has been seeped into the pasta and mushrooms, spreading a deliciously oily sauce flavor to your tastebuds.


For the main dish, a charcoal-broiled Oumi beef skirt steak.
The soft Oumi beef was so amazingly juicy with just the right level of aroma.


The “dolce” of the day – the dessert: “Panna cotta” and “Gateau chocolat.”
It was really nice to have 2 types of bite-size desserts after a very filling lunch. The Panna cotta’s Italian honey lemon topping had a refreshing acidic flavor that left you wanting more of this delectable sweet.
So delicious!!!!!!!


I chose a coffee for my after-dessert drink.


My 1-hour lunch in this fashionable restaurant was very enjoyable.
Everything was divine! Thank you so much for the delicious lunch.


“La Lucciola” is an Italian restaurant where you can really enjoy a variety of delicate flavors. Because the restaurant is not overly large and seating is limited, it provides a nice opportunity to talk with the chef and hear his interesting stories.
・ For those searching for a delicious Italian lunch spot in Osaka;
・ For those wanting to enjoy delicious pasta; and
・ For those looking to enjoy delicious Italian seafood dishes.
If any of the above sounds like you, then “La Lucciola”
located at a 5-minute walk from JR Fukushima Station, is highly recommended.


store La Lucciola
tel 06-6458-0199
address 6-9-17, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 324m from Fukushima Station
opening hours 12:00~14:00 , 18:00~24:00
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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