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Tour to guide foreign tourists around sweets shops in Osaka held!

Tour to guide foreign tourists around sweets shops in Osaka held!

A tour to guide foreign tourists around sweets shops in Osaka was held!


This time, I had the pleasure of holding a tour to guide foreign tourists around sweets shops in Osaka.


We assembled at the lobby of the hotel they were staying at.


Representing Japan, the first shop is the chocolate specialty shop “CHOCOLATIER PALET D’OR” .


We had our fill of the shop’s famous chocolate parfait.


Their four-year-old child delightedly ate his ice cream from the kid’s menu.


For the second shop, we went to Honmachi via the subway and headed for Mochisho Shizuku.



We had Walnut Mochi (¥750) and Matcha Zenzai (¥1200).


Zenzai you can enjoy with Matcha poured all over it—the fragrance of Matcha combined with the sweetness of red bean paste made for a wonderful balance.


Next, we visited Royal Hawaiian .


We shared the fancy-looking Fruits-topped Pancake (¥1480).


It seems that they loved the fluffy texture of the pancake and was very pleased about it.


Last is the cheese tart specialty shop PABLO, which is also very popular among foreign tourists. I bought them some cheese tarts as a gift.


Despite the fact that it was a weekday, the store was teeming with customers as usual. There were also a lot of foreign tourists visiting the store.


It was a long tour, but I was really happy that the tourists enjoyed it until the end.
The family I toured was from Taiwan and they came to Japan to go sightseeing. They were very friendly and very easy to deal with, so I felt very at ease with them.
Thank you very much for your participation!


I even received a thank you card, which I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude for.


I was very glad to have had this opportunity to introduce Japan’s carefully crafted sweets.
I’d love to hold more tours like this in the future as well.


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