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“CAFE LA MILE“’s Breakfast Set at Osaka Garden City

“CAFE LA MILE“’s Breakfast Set at Osaka Garden City

If you'd like to enjoy your morning with a breakfast set plus good coffee at a fancy cafe in Umeda, Osaka, I recommend you “CAFE LA MILE” at Osaka Garden City!


Would you like to enjoy good coffee and toast at an elegant cafe in Umeda, Osaka?
If so, then I would like recommend you “CAFE LA MILE”’s breakfast set (¥500).


This time, I picked their Egg Toast Set (¥500).


It’s an Egg Toast but it’s topped with some cheese, so it feels like I got more than your average egg toast.
The tastiness of the scrambled egg and the mellowness of the cheese matched the toasted bread perfectly.
This is goodness that makes you want seconds.


The coffee had a strong aroma and was served in a classic-looking cup. It was just lovely.
The balance between its bitterness and sourness was very good. It was high-quality coffee you would find at a coffee specialist shop.


And, to top it all off, this time, the waiter offered me their coffee jelly free of charge.
This coffee jelly was just so good, I was actually amazed.


Its bitterness, sourness, and sweetness that lushly spreads from your mouth tastes so refined and feels as if it permeates and spreads throughout your body.
It was so delicioooooooouuuuuus!!!!!!!
That moment, I was deeply impressed by this sudden surprise dessert.


Setting aside whether or not you can have coffee jelly with it, being able to enjoy this breakfast set for ¥500 at Umeda, Osaka is already a very big charm point in itself.
It was very delicious. What a wonderful breakfast!


Since I opted to sit in the non-smoking section, someone from the counter guided me to my seat, and I was surprised at how wonderful the view was.


・People who are looking for a cafe in Umeda, Osaka where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast set
・People who would like to enjoy delicious coffee and toast in the morning
・People who would like to relax at a cafe with a bright and spacious feel
I recommend you CAFE LA MILE located at Osaka Garden City.



tel 06-4795-8282
address Osaka Garden City Meijiyasuda Life Osaka Umeda Building B1F, 3-3-20, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 392m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 9:30~22:00 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:00~22:00
holiday Same holidays as Garden City Osaka
Original(Written in Japanese)



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