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The French toast lunch from FRENCH MARKET,  Sakaisuji Honmachi.

The French toast lunch from FRENCH MARKET, Sakaisuji Honmachi.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a meal of French toast in Osaka, FRENCH MARKET in Sakaisuji Honmachi is the place for you!


If you wish you could find a place in the city of Osaka to enjoy a lunch of French toast, FRENCH MARKET in Sakaisuji Honmachi is the perfect place to fulfill your culinary desires.


As might be expected by the PATISSERIE sign, sweets are in full view from the storefront.


One’s expectations are raised before entering the store.


The left side of the store interior has counter seats, the right side has two tables, each seating two.


In the far end of the store there is a table that can seat four.


Off to the side of the entrance is a display lined with freshly baked scones that is reminiscent of a bakery.


Today, 11 kinds of scones are lined up in the display.


The lovely scones are made by our female pastry chef.


I have not seen a store with such a rich variety of scones before.


On the right side are financier biscuits, among many other freshly baked sweets.


In the display case in front of the counter is a fresh cake that looks delicious.




Though I wanted to try everything, today I decided on trying the French toast.


Today, there are four items available on the casual dining menu:
Soup & Salada Set 920 Yen
Qeema Curry 920 Yen
French Market Plate 1,380 Yen
Souffle Pain Perdu Set 920 Yen


The item that I selected today is the Souffle Pain Perdu Set (920 Yen). As they make the bread from scratch upon receiving the order, they explained that it takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive. Therefore, in the meantime I decided to photograph the selection of sweets and the store interior.


After about 20 minutes had elapsed, a cutely arranged plate arrived. Then I noticed that the French toast was missing!


Then, at that moment, the pastry chef walked over with the French toast and arranged it on my decorated plate. The presentation was outstanding.


I finished the French toast while it was still warm. The texture of the French toast was splendid; it was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The flavor of the butter expands inside the mouth with every bite. Delicious!


After enjoying each bite of French toast, the salad and soup were very satisfying.


The French toast is served with homemade syrup and fresh cream.


The rich taste of the cream and the bitter taste of the syrup were a fantastic pairing.
I not only enjoyed the presentation, but the delicate flavor of the French toast was splendid as well. It was very tasty. Thank you for the meal!


FRENCH MARKET is a wonderful pastry shop and cafe. Aside from the freshly prepared French toast, authentic baked sweets and cakes are ready for your enjoyment.


The fact that this store was packed despite being located in an office district where the businesses were all closed on Saturday (the day of my visit) is a sign of the high quality of the sweets and that bright, wonderful personality of the female staff in the store.
This store was highly regarded by my friends, so I was thoroughly convinced after my own visit.
For those of you who love French toast, and those of you who love baked sweets such as scones, FRENCH MARKET is a cafe within walking distance of Sakaisuji Honmachi where you can enjoy sweets, and is a definite recommendation.


tel 06-7494-9451
address Nodama Building 1F, 1-4-1, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 390m from Sakaisuji Honmachi Station
opening hours [Tue.-Wed.] 11:00~19:00 [Thu.-Sat.] 11:00~21:00 [Sun.] 11:00~18:00
holiday Monday
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