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Horie Babeurre Hybrid Pancakes

Horie Babeurre Hybrid Pancakes

Horie Babeurre's special hybrid pancake is the Babeurre Pancake Burger, a hamburger sandwiched between pancakes!


In this edition, I visited Horie Babeurre near the Yotsubashi Subway Station.


Horie Babeurre is a cafe for grown-ups, where you can enjoy not only pancakes, which goes without saying, but also meat-based dishes such as hamburgers and steak.


Enjoy meat dishes with drinks in the evening. Many people also seem to choose pancakes for dessert.


The Babeurre Pancake Burger (¥1,380), crafted by this grown-up cafe, combines a hamburg and pancakes, the pride of the shop. A hamburger patty, the pride of the shop, is sandwiched between two pancakes, with fresh vegetables, onion rings, and french fries all on one plate.


The first surprise is the size of the hamburg steak.
On top of the pancake is a hamburg fatty, followed by cheese and a homemade sauce, then onion and tomato, all sandwiched into a luxurious hamburger.


It’s so big that the you won’t be able to take a bite, so cut it with a fork.
The fluffy pancake has an understated sweetness. The umami-filled patty and deep flavors of the meat sauce are a perfect match.
Soooo gooooood !!!!


With both fresh vegetables and french fries, this is a voluminous meal that you will make short work of.
Being able to enjoy the sweetness of the pancakes makes for a more satisfying hamburger. It was delicious. What a wonderful meal.


Horie Babeurre, with pancakes, meat dishes, and drinks, is a great place for not only lunch or tea time, but also dinner.
I recommend Horie Babeurre near the Yotsubashi Subway Station
– to those who love pancakes.
– to those who love hamburgers.
– to those who want to enjoy not only pancakes but also meat dishes and drinks.


store Horie Babeurre
tel 06-6563-9992
address Uoi Buildinf 1F, 1-21-12, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 363m from Yotsubashi Station
opening hours 11:30~21:30
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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