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Nishi-ku Shinmachi “Mochisho Shizuku”: Passion for fragrant, first-rate matcha zenzai!

Nishi-ku Shinmachi “Mochisho Shizuku”: Passion for fragrant, first-rate matcha zenzai!

If you love delicious matcha zenzai from Osaka, I recommend
“Mochisho Shizuku”'s matcha zenzai!


I love both matcha and zenzai!
And so, I’d like to recommend the matcha zenzai (¥1,200) from “Mochisho Shizuku” in Osaka’s Nishi-ku Shinmachi.


Mochisho Shizuku is a shop with a novel design that is unlike most traditional Japanese sweet shops.


It was lovely to see traditional Japanese sweets arranged one by one with utmost care as if by some instrument.


It was also nice to be able to eat in at such an innovative shop.
They offered the following menu that day.
・Walnut cake: green soybean paste or soybean paste (¥750)
・Zenzai (¥900)
・Matcha zenzai (¥1,200)


The walnut cake also looked delicious, but today I’m reporting on the matcha zenzai ♪


A first, I was surprised by the unique appearance of “Mochisho Shizuku”’s matcha zenzai.


Though it was a zenzai, there was only bean paste and mochi, with no sauce at all.


A bowl of matcha came on the same tray; I poured this matcha into the bowl.


The aroma of the matcha was incredible!


First, I tasted the bean paste and the matcha.
The wonderful texture and sweetness of the red bean and the sharp bitterness of the matcha made a perfect match; it was so good that I would have been satisfied even without the mochi.


Moving on, I mixed in the mochi.
The bitter matcha and the sweet bean paste coated the springy mochi and really complimented the flavor.
Sooooo~ good!
This was a delicious zenzai that brought out the true flavors of its ingredients to the fullest.


It was so delicious. I’m stuffed!


“Mochisho Shizuku” is the ultimate spot to unwind and enjoy traditional Japanese sweets made with superb ingredients while staying in the city.
・For people who love traditional Japanese sweets.
・For people looking for delicious sweets that focus on ingredients.
・For people looking for a cafe to enjoy delicious sweets in Osaka.
A 7-minute walk from Honmachi Station. I highly recommend “Mochisho Shizuku”; they aim to heal with sweets!



store Mochisho Shizuku
tel 06-6536-0805
address Shimmachi-house 1F, 1-17-17, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 248m from Nishiohashi Station
opening hours 10:30~19:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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