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Canelé Shop “CANELÉ du JAPON doudou”

Canelé Shop “CANELÉ du JAPON doudou”

I savored delicious canelés at the canelé shop “CANELÉ du JAPON doudou”!


I went to CANELÉ du JAPON doudou.


CANELÉ du JAPON doudou is a cozy shop on the 1st floor of a building in Dojima’s business district.


A canelé mold welcomes you at the entrance.


Entering the shop, a showcase is at the front.


On the left hand, dried fruits and tea line the shelves.


The dignified interior and showcase create a comfortable atmosphere.


This day, there were 8 different canelés in the showcase.


They all looked delicious, but this time I chose 4 kinds of canelés: Black (140 yen), Matcha Pistachio (150 yen), Hojicha Caramel (140 yen) and Kitayamamura Jabara (150 yen).


The homey wrappers are cute too.


Unlike usual canelés, it’s nice that they are bite-sized and both easy to eat and cute.


Matcha Pistachio.


Hojicha Caramel.


Kitayamamura Jabara.




It took me a very long time to decide which to eat first.


First, I had the Black (Chocolate).
The chocolate flavor in the springy canelé is delightful.


Next, I had Kitayamamura Jabara.
As I bite into the springy canelé, I taste a sweet citrus flavor like apricots…
The rich harmony of canelé and jabara is exquisite.


Let’s eat the Matcha Pistachio.
As I bite into the soft springy texture, I gradually taste the flavor of matcha…
The pistachio accent and canelé go very well together.


Lastly, let’s have the Hojicha Caramel.
The springy and gooey canelé has a rich brown sugar-like sweetness.
The slightly bitter taste is also nice, and it’s a taste that makes you want to drink black coffee.
Soooooo delicious!!!!!!!
Everything I ate this time had a wonderful balance between the flavors of the ingredients and the presence of canelé. The canelés had delicate flavor combinations that are unique to Japan.
They were delicious. Thank you!


CANELÉ du JAPON doudou is a canelé shop that added the taste of Japan to the sweet “cannelé de Bordeaux” that originated in Bordeaux, France.
Not to mention the standard 5 canelés, the flavors of the season interchange monthly, so this shop is very appealing to anyone who love canelés and baked goods.
・If you love canelés,
・If you love baked goods,
・If you’re looking for cute bite-sized baked goods that can be used as a gift,
I recommend CANELÉ du JAPON doudou that is within walking distance of Umeda.



store CANELÉ du JAPON doudou
tel 070-6508-8880
address 2-1-13, Dojimahama, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 102m from Watanabebashi Station
opening hours 11:00~19:00
holiday Wednesday (If Wednesday falls on a national holiday, the next weekday)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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