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“Ginmokusei in Hotel Elsereine Osaka”’s Pancake Set in Kitashinchi.

“Ginmokusei in Hotel Elsereine Osaka”’s Pancake Set in Kitashinchi.

If you want to enjoy a Hotcake-style pancake in Umeda, Osaka, I recommend the pancake set at Ginmokusei inside Hotel Elsereine Osaka.


If you want to enjoy pancakes with the simple taste of hotcakes, I recommend the pancake (¥620) at Ginmokusei, located on the first floor of Hotel Elsereine Osaka.


You can have a pancake set (¥1,050) in such a stylish space in Kitashinchi.


There are many other delicious looking sweets, besides the pancake, on the menu along with sandwiches and parfaits etc.


My eyes went somewhere else for a second, but what I came for today is the pancake (¥620). I get the set menu, which comes with a drink (organic coffee or tea).


I’m having a totally relaxing time with my coffee.


The pancake is also ready quickly.


The pancake, which comes quickly is pretty thick.


The pancake comes surrounded with a chocolate decoration and there is a cute topping of whipped cream and mint.


I cut a piece out of it like a cake.


The top half is soft and the bottom half is a more cookie-like, firm texture. This contrast is a pleasant surprise.
I savor the flavor of the mix and eggs.


I add the complementary maple syrup and take another bite.


The pancake’s taste matches the maple syrup’s slightly bitter taste perfectly.
It’s great that you can enjoy a more moist texture as the syrup gets absorbed.
Sooooo good!!


Who would have thought that you can have pancakes at a great price in such a lovely space in Kitashinchi… This is too wonderful.
Time flows at a slower pace here. I fully enjoy my stay in this oasis inside the city.
Thank you!


Next time I’d like to try the Couverture Chocolate Chiffon Cake.


Ginmokusei is a stylish cafe where you can enjoy pancakes at a good price, even though it is situated very well on the first floor of a hotel in Kitashinchi.
-If you’re someone who likes hotcakes better than pancakes.
-If you’re looking for a pancake set at a reasonable price in the Umeda area.
-If you’re looking for a stylish cafe to go on a date.
I recommend Ginmokusei on the first floor of Hotel Elsereine Osaka.


store Ginmokusei in Hotel Elsereine Osaka
tel 06-6347-1484
address Hotel Elsereine Osaka 1F, 1-5-25, Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 255m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 7:00~20:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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