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“KIT KAT Chocolatory” has arrived in Osaka, along with its inevitable queues!

“KIT KAT Chocolatory” has arrived in Osaka, along with its inevitable queues!

I recommend the special package exclusive to the Daimaruu Umeda Outlet as a souvenir!


KIT KAT Chocolatory, with its two shops in Kanto, one in Nagoya, one in Hokkaido and one in Kansai (Daimaru Kyoto), has finally arrived in Osaka (Daimaru Umeda), along with its inevitable queues!
I participated to the opening ceremony which was held before the grand opening.


There were even some famous pâtissiers present at the opening ceremony!
They passionately speeched about their love for chocolate.


They also explained about the special 「笑」 (smiley) package which is exclusive to Osaka.
Even the people from the press were very surprised to see that a 「笑」 (smiley) appears when you line the boxes up next to each other.
You can probably make anyone happy with a souvenir like this!


They also gave more information about the “Hazelnut flavor” Kit Kat which is sold for the first time from the Osaka outlet.
Hazelnuts and chocolate are definitely a great combination, so I get the feeling that the sales of this new flavor will be explosive!


Ribbon-cutting ceremony by the people involved. It was impressive to see the smiles on all of their faces!


By the way, on this occasion, I got my hands on the following 4 types of chocolate:
– Kit Kat Sublime Bitter (¥300 – tax excl.)
– KIT KAT Chocolatory Special: Hazelnuts (¥400 – tax excl.)
– KIT KAT Chocolatory Special: Strawberry Maple (¥400 – tax excl.)
– KIT KAT Chocolatory Special: Sakura Green Tea (¥400 – tax excl.)


Ever since the opening of its first outlet at Seibu Ikebukuro on January 17th, 2014, KIT KAT Chocolatory has had 600,000 visitors and made a revenue of 1.5 billion yen.
Considering the demand of foreign tourists, I get the feeling that this number will jump even higher with the opening of the Daimaru Osaka outlet.


KIT KAT Chocolatory’s Daimaru Osaka outlet had its grand opening on April 15th, 2015.


When I went home, I was surprised to see that a queue had already formed!
I cannot express how happy I am that this will raise the chocolate fever in the Osaka region to an even higher level!


I can recommend the new KIT KAT Chocolatory Daimaru Umeda Outlet’s’s chocolate to people who either:
– Love Kit Kat!
– Love chocolate!
– Are looking for stylish sweets to give as a souvenir!



store KIT KAT Chocolatory
tel 06-6343-1231
address Daimaru Umedaten B1F West, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 177m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours [Mon.-Thu. and Sun.] 10:00~22:30 [Fri.-Sat.] 10:00~21:00
holiday Open everyday except January 1st
Original(Written in Japanese)



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