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Kitashinchi POIRE de jeunesse

Kitashinchi POIRE de jeunesse

At POIRE in Kitashinchi, you can eat authentic sweets late at night!


If you want a delicious dessert after a dinner in the Umeda area, I recommend POIRE de jeunesse in Kitashinchi.
Not only can you take home delicious sweets, but you can also eat it there even late at night.
It’s a business style unique to Kitashinchi with many bars.


There are many vibrant and delicious-looking sweets in the showcase.


One of the wonderful things about POIRE is that you can enjoy three sweets that are limited to each month.
Since this day was the end of march, all three were strawberry sweets.


They also have an excellent lineup of standard popular sweets.
This time we shared the following three sweets between three people.


March Special Charlotte aux fraises (Strawberry Charlotte)


Chocolat pistache (¥600 – tax excl.)


Tezukayama Swiss Roll Chocolat fraises (¥380 – tax excl.)


I had this with Tezukayama Coffee Blend. (¥500 – tax excl.)


Not only did they look good, but everything about it-the smoothness, flavor, taste, linger-was delicate and I was very impressed.
Even though I was full, I ate it all up in moments.
It was delicious. Thank you!


I’m grateful to POIRE for offering authentic sweets late into the night (closes at 1 AM).


POIRE has 2 shops in Kitashinchi, but the one you can eat at is POIRE de jeunesse near ANA CROWNE PLAZA OSAKA.
・ If you’re looking for delicious sweets in Kitashinchi,
・If you want to eat delicious sweets after a drinking party in Umeda,
・If you want to buy delicious sweets after the department stores in the Umeda area have closed,
I recommend POIRE de jeunesse in Kitashinchi.



store Kitashinchi POIRE de jeunesse
tel 06-6344-1601
address Okina Building 1F, 1-2-13, Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 247m from Ōebashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 12:00~25:00 [Sat.] 12:00~23:00
holiday Sunday and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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