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Quantities are limited and available this season only! Imperial Hotel Osaka’s sakura anpan

Quantities are limited and available this season only! Imperial Hotel Osaka’s sakura anpan

Handy for cherry blossom viewing, available in limited quantities and this season only!
I tried the sakura anpan at the Imperial Hotel Osaka!


The Sakuranomiya area is well-known for its cherry blossom-viewing spots: the river banks behind the Imperial Hotel and the Sakura walk-through at the Osaka Mint Bureau.


The sweets I’d like to introduce to you today are the sakura anpan from the Imperial Hotel (230 JPY each, tax included). These are on sale only at this time, and I recommend them to take along to cherry blossom viewing.


Sakura anpan can be purchased in the shop in the 1st-floor lobby lounge, The Park, which sells sweets and bread.


I discovered a sakura anpan POP display above the display cabinet! Oooh, but unfortunately there was also a card saying that they’d sold out today.


I checked with the shop assistant, who said that they’d had an order canceled, so I just managed to buy myself some.


The cute anpan packaging, which you can use for anpan presents, is rather lovely. The anpan cost 230 JPY each, but at the time I visited, they were only selling them as two-in-a-pack.


On the back is a sticker detailing the ingredients, etc.


I quickly got one out of the pack.
It was about the size of the palm of my hand and looked cute.


The Imperial Hotel brand mark gives it a luxury feel. This comes as two-in-a-pack.


Naturally, there’s the bread aroma. But with their faint scent of cherry blossoms, these anpan are just lovely.


Here I go.


The bread has just the right texture and the coarse anko inside is nice and al dente.

The taste of the sakura inside, together with its saltiness, serve as an accent to bring out the sweetness of the anko.
It tastes wonderrrrrrrful!!!!


Most anpan are just plain sweet, but this sakura anpan has the saltiness of the preserved sakura, so you can eat it all up until the very last bite without getting tired of the taste.
The balance of sweetness and saltiness in this anpan is just wonderful.
That was great. Thank you so much.


You can, of course, enjoy your sweets right at the Imperial Hotel, but it’s also lovely that they have sweets and bread to take home, which are just the same quality.


There were also croissants and other things, so I think I’d like to buy bread for breakfast next time.

・People who love anpan
・People who love sakura-flavored sweets
・People looking for sweets they can enjoy while viewing the cherry blossoms


I’d like to recommend the anpan from the Imerial Hotel Osaka.



store Imperial Hotel Osaka (lobby lounge, The Park)
tel 06-6881-1111
address Imerial Hotel Osaka 1F, 1-8-50, Temmabashi , Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 454m from Sakuranomiya Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 11:00~20:00 [Saturday and National holidays] 9:00~20:00 [Sun.] 8:00~20:00
holiday Open everyday
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