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Only at Sarabeth’s Osaka Store! You can enjoy delicious banana pancakes at LUCUA1100!

Only at Sarabeth’s Osaka Store! You can enjoy delicious banana pancakes at LUCUA1100!

At Sarabeth’s Osaka Store, you can enjoy chewy pancakes that are limited to LUCUA1100!


Sarabeth’s, where you can enjoy New York-style food and desserts, has finally opened in LUCUA1100 in Osaka Umeda!


This time, I’ll give you a report of the oatmeal banana pancake (1,250 yen), which is limited to Sarabeth’s Osaka Store♪


You get four pancakes, which have bananas mixed into the dough.
They are topped with maple syrup and butter.


Firstly, I’ll eat the pancake, simply, on its own.
It’s really chewy.
It goes really well with the banana, which has become sticky after cooking, and you can enjoy a sweetness that has depth to it.


By adding the toppings of maple syrup and butter, you get not just sweetness but also a faint bitterness and a rich taste, and you can enjoy the multi-dimensional flavor of the dough.


The chewiness and sweetness leads to an amazing sense of satisfaction; you could almost be satisfied with just one pancake.
It’s a pancake that is limited to Sarabeth’s Osaka Store, but it really conveyed the New York-style taste, in a simple way.
Delicious! Thank you!


Sarabeth’s has many delicious desserts, not just pancakes.


Apart from pancakes and French toast, they have a wide variety of desserts that you can get to go, such as scones and cupcakes.


The desserts in the recently-trending mason jars captured my attention too.
I would really recommend Sarabeth’s in LUCUA1100 to:
— people who like pancakes
— people who are looking for a restaurant where they can enjoy New York-style desserts
— people who are looking for a cafe with good food and drink, for dates in Osaka Umeda or “joshikai” (women get-togethers).



store Sarabeth’s Osaka Store
tel 06-6147-7257
address LUCUA1100 B1F, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 122m from Osaka Station
opening hours 9:00~22:00
holiday Same holiday as LUCUA1100
Original(Written in Japanese)



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