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Nishiohashi’s specialty pudding shop, “Poussin,” has a pudding shaved ice that is both delicious and a great value!

Nishiohashi’s specialty pudding shop, “Poussin,” has a pudding shaved ice that is both delicious and a great value!

For a luxurious shaved ice dish in which you can enjoy both pudding and shaved ice, I recommend the pudding shaved ice at the pudding shop, "Poussin!"


I love both pudding and shaved ice, and there it’s possible to enjoy both at once!
This oh-so-greedy person wants to recommend the pudding shaved ice from the pudding shop, “Poussin!”


“Poussin” is a pudding specialty shop located on the battleground of sweets, the Osaka Nishi-ku Shinmachi area.


The shop is near Nishiohashi Station, Osaka Municipal Subway’s Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line. It is located on the first floor of a building just North on Nagahori-dori street.


I had passed by “Poussin” in the past, but this was my first time going inside.


The sign for “pudding shaved ice” in front of the store fascinated me, and I decided to pay a visit.


The storefront’s showcase featured all sorts of rich puddings…


Classic custard puddings and the like from ¥250- ¥350 were lined up in the window.


They use famous, high-grade eggs.


Other ingredients were described on the blackboard inside the shop, and I got the impression that they value making their products by hand.


For this visit to Poussin, I ordered the white peach-flavored pudding shaved ice (¥500).


On that day, I also chose strawberry, eucalyptus honey lemon, and grapefruit, but my favorite was the white peach, no contest.
Let’s dig in.


First up, the white peach and ice.
With the crunchy ice and the fine texture of the white peach, every time I took a bite, the taste of peach filled every corner of my mouth.
Sooo goooood~!!!


The white peach shaved ice would have been enough to satisfy me, but I was happy to be able to have pudding too.


The pudding was smooth, with plenty of egg flavor.
A light coat of caramel sauce gave it a bittersweet taste that I found to be so lovely.
Sooo goooood~!!!


Being able to enjoy delicious white peach shaved ice and delicious custard pudding rolled into one, now that’s luxury.
I was impressed by the wonderful shaved ice made at this pudding specialty shop.
It was delicious. I’m stuffed!


This time, I visited after lunch, so next time, I think I’d also like to try some of their puddings.


Next time, I think I’ll also try an iced coffee.


– For people who love pudding,
– For people who love shaved ice,
– For gluttons like me who love both pudding and shaved ice and want to try eating them at the same time,
I recommend Poussin’s pudding shaved ice.



store Poussin
tel 06-6533-1007
address Mi-ne Shinmachikan 1F, 3-4-2, Shinmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 326m from Nishiohashi Station
opening hours 10:00~20:00 (Open until supplies last)
holiday Sunday and National holidays (Irregular)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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