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» RESTAURANT » CAFE BAHNHOF, located in Fukushima, Osaka city
CAFE BAHNHOF, located in Fukushima, Osaka city

CAFE BAHNHOF, located in Fukushima, Osaka city

I enjoyed a delicious sweet that goes well with coffee at CAFE BAHNHOF where you can enjoy delicious home roasted coffee!


I highly recommend CAFE BAHNHOF, located in Fukushima, Osaka, to those of you who love both coffee and sweets.


The shop is located near JR Noda station.
I am very fond of the coffee at CAFE BAHNHOF and often purchase it from the store located in the Hankyu Sanbangai shopping center. However, this was my second time visiting the main shop.


A showcase of cakes greets you once you enter the shop filled with the scent of coffee.


The coffee roaster and coffee beans are lined up to the left.
I had only purchased coffee beans on my previous visit, and this was my first time trying their sweets here at the shop.


There are both counter and table seats located further into the shop, providing an environment where one can relax and enjoy both coffee and sweets.


Here is the menu.
I was surprised at the number of sweets they have to offer, not to mention the abundant selection of coffee!



It took me more than five minutes to decide on what to order due to the sheer amount of choices… And then the decision was made!


I ordered the coffee chiffon cake, thinking it would probably be the tastiest option since this is a coffee shop.


For my coffee I ordered the BAHNHOF blend.


On a side note, my friend who visited the shop with me ordered the homemade French toast (¥680).


We dug into the sweets, accompanied by the coffee fragrance.


The chiffon cake was fluffy and soft.
The gentle coffee flavor spread all over inside my mouth.
Sooooooo delicious!!!!!!!
The coffee used for the dough was apparently “Colombian Supremo,” my favorite coffee I always purchase.
It went well with the whipped cream and I even considered getting another slice since it was so tasty.


My friend shared her French toast with me. The sweet milky flavor flowing out from the fluffy and soft texture was such a delight, and it went very well with the coffee.
I felt very lucky to have been able to enjoy both a delicious cup of coffee and a delicious sweet that goes well with it.
I would highly recommend this coffee shop to coffee lovers.
It was delicious. Thank you for the treat!


If you want to enjoy delicious home roasted coffee, or you are looking for a coffee shop serving both delicious coffee and delicious sweets at the same time, in the Fukushima-ku, Osaka area, I highly recommend CAFE BAHNHOF, located right by JR Noda station.


tel 06-6449-5075
address 1-14-8, Yoshino, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 296m from Tamagawa Station
opening hours 11:00~19:00 , (Cafe)11:00〜18:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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