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“cafe mimosa” is a retro cafe that has opened in Minamisemba.

“cafe mimosa” is a retro cafe that has opened in Minamisemba.

At the “cafe mimosa” that has opened in Minamisemba, I thoroughly enjoyed some sweets that were good value for the money.


From Shinsaibashi, beyond Nagahoribashi, and on the way towards Tanimachi Rokuchome, I discovered an unfamiliar sign in front of Matsuyamachi Station.


cafe mimosa


On a corner lot in front of the bridge, a retro cafe has just opened.


While there are many windows, since they are all stained glass one cannot see inside the cafe.
Checking the menu in front of the cafe, there are cakes from ¥300, and drinks from ¥400.
Because it was within an affordable price range, I entered the cafe with some curiosity.


The space had a calm, retro feeling as the light from the stained glass lit the dim interior.
The soothing interior decoration makes one forget that they are in the city.


According to the female owner, she made all of the stained glass in the cafe.


It seems that she also put up the tiles, and it took two years before the cafe could be opened.
The very cozy cafe communicates the handmade sense of the owner, who left the apparel industry to run the cafe.


At such a cafe, one can enjoy the owner’s handmade cakes and toasts, as well as selected coffees and teas.


The menu lists a rich variety of drinks and sweets.


The coffees are made with beans from a famous store in Minamisemba, which the cafe starts drip brewing after you order.


It also appears that for its teas, the cafe uses tea leaves from a well-known store.
Darjeeling, Uva, Earl Grey, and flavored teas are available (all for ¥500 each).


Various toasts and sandwiches are available in an affordable price range.


The cafe is also picky about the bread it uses, and it seems that they get it from a famous store in Minamihorie.


In addition to this, they also have a cake of the day.
If you get with a drink set, then the drink is ¥100.
There are also such baked goods as madeleines or pound cake which one can enjoy (from ¥150).


This time the sweets that I selected were a peach tart and a chiffon cake.


With the chiffon cake there was a choice of plain or mango, and I picked mango.


I had it with some flavored tea.


Waiting for the order to come was no bother, and the time passed easily in such a cafe that was preeminently cozy.


The peach tart had a pleasant flavor.


The fruit from the mango gave the chiffon cake a good balance between texture and taste.
I spent a lovely time enjoying the simple cake and flavored tea that both conveyed a handmade feeling.
Next time I would like to try the chocolate cake, cheesecake, pancakes or French toast.


It was delicious. What a wonderful meal!


With an owner who is easy to talk to, delicious drinks and sweets, and a cozy interior, I was completely satisfied.


While it only just opened in May 2015, without a doubt it will become a cafe that many people will visit to relax.
・For people who love cafes.
・For those who love a place that has a retro feeling.
・For those who would like to enjoy delicious sweets at a price that offers good value for the money.
I recommend “cafe mimosa” in Minamisemba.


store cafe mimosa
tel 06-7494-6345
address 1-2-2, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 124m from Matsuyamachi Station
opening hours 9:00~18:00
holiday Sat.-Sun. and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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