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ST REGIS OSAKA now has flavored ice!

ST REGIS OSAKA now has flavored ice!

I enjoyed ST REGIS OSAKA’s new flavored ice!


ST REGIS OSAKA is a famous high-class hotel in Osaka.
I’ve been there many times, and the elegance and high-quality are second-to-none in Osaka. This time I’ve come to try their newly-released flavored ice.


This is the blackboard in front of the first-floor terrace.


It advertises the seasonal availability of flavored ice.


Flavored ice can be enjoyed on the terrace, but this time I chose to eat inside. I love the gorgeous interior and the high ceiling.


When I visited there were four types of flavored ice available.
・Green tea & red bean (1200 yen)
・Blueberry yogurt (1200 yen)
・Strawberry (950 yen)
・Mango (950 yen)
When I asked the staff which was best, they replied that Green Tea & Red Bean and Strawberry were the most popular, so I ordered the Green Tea & Red Bean.


The large cup is filled with green tea and red beans.


It’s a Japanese-style flavored ice, complete with shiratama (sticky rice flour dumplings).


Here goes!


I’ll start with the green-tea ice-cream.
Milky and rich ice cream is pleasant with the bitter taste of green tea.
It’s also wonderfully compatible with the red beans.


Next I’ll try a bite with everything.
There’s an interesting contrast between crunchy parts, sauce, pebbly and puffy textures.
The sweetness of the green tea syrup and red beans matches perfectly with the flavored ice and shiratama (sticky rice flour dumplings) for a perfectly harmonized Japanese taste.


There’s green tea syrup inside, so the flavor of green tea persists to the very end!
It’s a delicious flavored ice that can be enjoyed with Japanese sweets during the hot season. It was delicious! Thank you!


One can enjoy flavored ice at ST REGIS OSAKA between noon and 5pm.
I recommend ST REGIS OSAKA’s flavored ice for:
・Those who like flavored ice
・Those who like green tea flavored sweets.
・Those looking for delicious Japanese treats in summer.



tel 06-6258-3333
address ST REGIS HOTEL OSAKA, 3-6-12, Hommachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 60m from Honmachi Station
opening hours Lunch:[Mon.-Fri.] 11:30~14:30 [Sat.-Sun.] 11:00~14:30 , Teatime:15:00~17:00 , Dinner:17:30~22:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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