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Ice Monaka from Kent house Main Store

Ice Monaka from Kent house Main Store

Ice Monaka from Kent house Main Store is the cool sweet item to get this summer!


“Kent house” has six locations in Osaka, and is a renowned Osaka sweets shop.


I am here for the first time.
I ran into the cool sweets recommended for this time of year!


After entering the shop, there is a large showcase in front.


On the left there is a wide variety of baked sweets.


In the showcase there is a parade of delicious looking cakes.


This Diva Chocolat combines milk chocolate and caramel nuts.
There are many delicious looking cakes, like this Tart Fraise, which is a tart topped with plenty of strawberries.


The decorated cakes are so beautiful that it makes you sad to eat them.
It is hard to choose just one.


I have to abandon the idea of the refrigerated cakes since I need to be somewhere after this and I can’t take them home.


I choose the Chilled Ice Monaka (ice cream).


You can get ice cream from a sweets shop at an affordable price (¥130).


The crispy shell is stuffed with plenty of ice cream.
I am surprised at the super strong milk flavor!
My mouth overflows with milky fragrance.
So good!!!!!!!
This might be the first time I’ve tasted such a rich monaka…


I could definitely eat three in one sitting. This afternoon, I was intoxicated by the rich ice cream made by a serious sweets shop.
It was delicious. Thank you!


Kent house has many other delicious looking sweets apart from the Ice Monaka that I showed you.
Kent house Main Store is recommended if:
•you love ice cream
•you are looking for sweets with excellent appearance and taste
•you are looking for a café with delicious sweets around Imazato, Higashinari ward.


store Kent house Main Store
tel 06-6974-4109
address 1-21-19, Oimazatominami, Higashinari-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 266m from imazato station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours 10:00~21:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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