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Jipan-e Ice in Americamura!

Jipan-e Ice in Americamura!

I went to try out this popular ice cream from Korea that's been blowing up online!


This might be a bit abrupt, but have you ever heard of Jipan-e Ice?


I heard from a friend that there’s an ice cream in Shinsaibashi with a pretty unusual shape.


The location is in Americamura, facing Sankaku Park.


It’s a pretty lively storefront!


The Jipan-e in Jipan-e Ice means “walking stick” in Korean.
The store puts ice cream into a specially-made corn “cone” that resembles a walking stick.


Jipan-e Ice’s menu has the following 3 choices on offer:
Jipan-e Ice Vanilla (¥300)
Jipan-e Ice Chocolate and Vanilla (¥400)
Jipan-e Ice Chocolate (¥400)
I wanted to try both flavors, so this time I went for the chocolate and vanilla.


Putting in the ice cream.


After about a minute, the Jipan-e Ice is complete!


I was pretty surprised at the generous size.


I ate it in Sankaku Park, just across from the shop.


Starting with the vanilla.


When you bite into the thick corn, there’s just the right amount of soft ice cream.
It’s a similar vanilla to anywhere else, but with the corn flavor it makes a big impact.
It made me think of a treat I often used to eat when I was little.


Digging in to the chocolate side.
This chocolate is also a popular flavor.
It’s a familiar taste, but the unique corn flavor makes this icecream unlike any I’ve tried before.


It was great!


The shop sells more than only Jipan-e Ice, with the equally popular thinly-sliced and fried Twist Potato on sale as well.


I’ll be back again to try out the Twist Potato!
I recommend Jipan-e Ice to anyone who:
・ Loves ice cream
・ Is looking for a sweet with a new and innovative look
・ And wants to have some refreshing sweets near America Town’s Sankaku Park!


store Jipan-e Ice
tel Not published
address Sankaku Tower Building 1F, 1-7-8, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 264m from Yotsubashi Station
opening hours -
holiday -
Original(Written in Japanese)



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