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Specialty Mango Soft Serve featured at “Kent house plus” in Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE.

Specialty Mango Soft Serve featured at “Kent house plus” in Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE.

I highly recommend that you check out “Kent house plus” in Morinomiya Q's MALL BASE if you are looking to try some soft serve ice cream with fresh mangoes.


I was hanging out at Osaka Castle Park when I decided it was time to look around Morinomiya for some tasty soft serve ice cream topped with fresh, seasonal fruit.


Eventually I found “Kent house plus”, which serves the “Kodawari (Specialty) Mango Soft Serve” (¥500) that you should not miss out on.


“Kent house” has a number of shops in Osaka, but the Kodawari Mango Soft Serve is only served at “Kent house plus” inside Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE.


I was walking around Morinomiya, trying to escape the heat by finding something cold and sweet to eat at Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE, when I spotted the Kodawari Mango Soft Serve featured on a display board out front of “Kent house plus” .


Considering how much I love mangoes and soft serve, it was a quick decision when it came to ordering.


The Kodawari Mango Soft Serve is a fruity parfait with soft serve ice cream covered in a mango topping, which is something that you can only find at a pâtisserie like this.


The parfait also comes topped with one of Kent house’s specially made Leaf Pies.


For this visit I went over to a nearby bench in front of the shop to sit down and enjoy my parfait.


Let’s just focus on the soft serve first!
The ice cream itself is cool and refreshing, with a nice milky quality to it.
And its sweet, rich milky flavor delights your taste buds with every spoonful.


Now let’s move on to the mango topping!
The mango is served nice and cold, which complements its sweet flavor.
It also has a delicate sweetness to it that gradually comes through with each bite.


The crispy texture and sweet buttery scent of the Leaf Pie is unforgettably delicious.
The wonderful rich flavor of it will leave you wanting more and more.


At the bottom you will find some cookie dough that adds a nice texture to the parfait, as well as some extra tastiness. This added touch makes for a fantastic treat from beginning to end.
Naturally the soft serve ice cream is the main feature, but the Leaf Pie, mango, and cookie dough add up to make this parfait an amazing eating experience!
This delicious parfait was enough to make me a regular, and I’ll certainly be stopping by again since I live in the area.
I’m really glad I got a chance to try this awesome treat!


I can easily recommend this to any of the following people:
– Avid fans of soft serve ice cream.
– People who love the sweet flavor of mangoes.
– Anyone who is in the Morinomiya area looking for good soft serve ice cream.
If that sounds like you, then by all means head over to “Kent house plus” in Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE to try their Kodawari Mango Soft Serve.


store Kent house plus
tel 06-6910-1302
address Morinomiya Q’s MALL BASE 1F, 2-1-70, Morinomiyachuo, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 304m from Morinomiya station
opening hours 10:00~21:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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