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Green tea and cream flavored shaved ice by Aozashikarari in LUCUA1100

Green tea and cream flavored shaved ice by Aozashikarari in LUCUA1100

If you want to enjoy yummy shaved ice in LUCUA1100, we recommend Aozashikarari's shaved ice with green tea and cream flavor.


Do you want to eat yummy shaved ice in Umeda?
Our recommendation is Aozashikarari’s shaved ice in LUCUA1100!


The store is located in the 2nd basement floor of LUCUA1100.


The interior of the store is a mix of modern and Japanese styles…


There are also private seats available so it’s easy to stop by to enjoy some yummy shaved ice after shopping.
The round tables and cushions are lovely.


I sit down and immediately take a look at the menu.



Zunda mochi – which is chewy mochi with edamame bean paste – and cream, strawberry and cream, green tea and cream all seemed like flavors I would like to try, but I was really craving for green tea, so I ordered the green tea and cream flavor with a cup of black soy bean tea or chilled sencha on the side.


I receive my order in 5 minutes. I’m impressed by the splendid presentation!


There is plenty of soft ice cream next to the shaved ice.


On the right there is a topping made of rice flour dumplings and adzuki beans.


Combining shaved ice and soft ice cream is ingenious!
Just looking at it gets me excited.


Here we go!


I start from the shaved ice.
The fine and fluffy ice has the mellow scent of green tea.


Next I try the soft ice cream.
It’s super chilled and therefore the texture is a bit hard.
The flavor is very milky, I’d be satisfied even with the soft ice cream alone.


Next I’ll have the adzuki beans with the shaved ice.
The bitterness of the tea and the sweetness of the beans balance each other out perfectly.


The forbidden combination!?
I’m going to try having adzuki beans, shaved ice and rice flour dumplings all at once.
The chewy beans, the bouncy dumplings, and the chilled green tea create a wonderful combination.
Sooooo goooood!!!!


The ultimate combination!? Finally I’ll have the soft ice cream with the shaved ice.
The milky sweetness compliments the bitterness of the green tea.
Sooooo goooood!!!!


The sweetness of the condensed milk really brings out the flavor of each ingredient.
Absolute perfection.


Finally I’ll enjoy the remaining green tea as a drink.


There was a variety of flavors to enjoy, so I finished my serving with no problem.
It was delicious!


I was getting chilly, so a cup of black soybean tea after the meal is just fantastic.
I had a wonderful time.
Next time I want to try the zunda mochi or the strawberry flavor.


I recommend Aozashikarari’s shaved ice with green tea and cream…
– if you love shaved ice
– if you love green tea flavored sweets
– if you are looking for yummy Japanese-style shaved ice in Umeda, Osaka


store Aozashikarari
tel 06-6485-7771
address Isetan Food Hall, LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 122m from Osaka Station
opening hours Same as LUCUA 1100
holiday Same as LUCUA 1100
Original(Written in Japanese)



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