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Morning pancakes at Dallmayr cafe&Shop.

Morning pancakes at Dallmayr cafe&Shop.

“Dallmayr cafe&Shop” is a fancy café in Nakanoshima where you can enjoy a delicious morning breakfast of pancakes!


Whenever you want to eat delicious pancakes at a fancy café within walking distance of Umeda,
I highly recommend “Dallmayr cafe&Shop” in Nakanoshima!



As you walk into the café, you can see an area right in the middle selling tea and coffee.


There are seats at the counter in the middle.


There are tables with seats along both sides.


This was my first visit to “Dallmayr cafe&Shop” and I was swept away by the gorgeous interior!


Below are two of the morning breakfast sets you can enjoy at this fancy café.


Morgen Munich Set (770 Yen excluding tax)
A plate with fluffy pancakes, fresh cream, Dallmayr’s rich honey, yogurt, and salad.


Morgen Bavarian Set (770 Yen excluding tax)
A plate that includes scrambled eggs with potato and cheese, ham, salad, and bread.


The price for each includes a drink (your choice of various coffees or black tea).


Both tasted amazing, but I would like to add more about the set with pancakes, the Morgen Munich set.


It was wonderful to have some fresh salad to start my morning.


The moment my fork touched the pancakes the softness made my mouth water.


I enjoyed it along with the fresh cream and honey included in the breakfast set.


The pancakes are soft and fluffy.
I could fully take in the taste of the flour.
It’s soooooo good!!!!!!!
The rich, sweet honey pairs exquisitely with the pancake.


The mild yogurt is great after enjoying the pancakes.
This luxurious pancake set satisfies as a breakfast should.
It was delicious. My compliments to the chef!


Pancake lovers will not be able to resist the “Dallmayr cafe&Shop” where they can enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast in a fancy cafe to start their morning.
• Great for pancake lovers.
• Great for people looking for a café within walking distance of Umeda where they can enjoy a morning pancake.
• Great for people who want to experience a fancy café in Nakanoshima where they can enjoy some outstanding pancakes.


I highly recommend the Nakanoshima “Dallmayr cafe&Shop” .



store Dallmayr cafe&Shop
tel 06-6479-0202
address Dai Building Honkan1F, 3-6-32, Nakanoshima , Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 195m from Watanabebashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 8:00~19:00 [Sat,.Sun. and National holidays] 10:00~20:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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