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Enjoy “pumpkin shaved ice” at kotikaze!

Enjoy “pumpkin shaved ice” at kotikaze!

If you want to enjoy pumpkin-flavored shave iced, then I recommend kotikaze in Tamatsukuri!

Previously, I have eaten mixed fruit shaved ice at kotikaze.


When I heard, I was shocked!
What? You can eat pumpkin shaved ice?
Pumpkin and shaved ice. It’s hard to imagine….
So, I went ahead and ordered it.


“Pumpkin” was listed in the most lower left area of the menu board.


Ah, pumpkin shaved iced looks like this.
Lots of stiiiiicky pumpkin syrup is poured on top of the ice.


The very top is lightly sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and cinnamon.
I have to eat it before the ice melts!


The ice is so crunchy.
I was able to savor the rich, sticky pumpkin sauce and deliciousness of the pumpkin in my mouth.
Mmmm. Such a nice, mild taste!
The accent and the texture of the pumpkin seeds give it a full-bodied feel.


For the end game, the ice melts and it changes into a cold pumpkin soup.
I was surprised at the mild, potage-like flavor!
So gooooood!!!!!!
I was impressed by the deliciousness that resembles that of a cold potage from a luxury restaurant!


I was half in doubt about the pumpkin shaved ice until I ordered it, but it was unexpectedly delicious. What a wonderful dish!


kotikaze is a shop where you can enjoy many kinds of shaved ice, not just pumpkin. You cannot help but come to like shaved ice after coming here.
-Shaved ice lovers
-Those looking for novel shaved ice flavors
-Those looking for a shop in the Tamatsukuri area where they can enjoy delicious shaved ice
I recommend kotikaze, which you can walk to from Tamatsukuri.



store kotikaze
tel 06-6766-6505
address 2-22, Karakiyocho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 539m from Tamatsukuri station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours 8:00~18:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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