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Savor the shaved ice with white wine, peach, and strawberry at “PATISSERIE joel”!

Savor the shaved ice with white wine, peach, and strawberry at “PATISSERIE joel”!

At “PATISSERIE joel” in Yodoyabashi, you can enjoy shaved ice for grown-ups that's recommended for peach lovers!


The Yodoyabashi area, where delicious sweets vendors crowd together. Today, I visited “PATISSERIE joel” seeking a delicious shaved ice for grown-ups.


There were many sweets in the display case that looked delicious, but the target today was the shaved ice.


The menu listed the following 4 types of shaved ice.
With +150 yen, you can add a soft serve topping.


This time, I ordered the white wine, peach, and strawberry flavor (750 yen) that you don’t find in other shaved ice shops.


I enjoyed it in the store’s dine-in space.


The ice is topped with a plentiful amount of strawberry sauce.


Packed below it is a generous serving of peach and white wine gelée.


It’s time to taste it!


The airy and fluffy ice and the jam-like strawberry sauce are a perfect match.
As it slowly melts in your mouth, the flavor of the strawberries gradually expands out.
It’s amaaaazingly delicious!!!!!


As you eat your way down, the white wine gelée and peaches appear.


The flavor of the fresh peaches is enhanced by the white wine gelée’s fancy taste, creating an excellent harmony.
Amaaaazingly delicious!!!!!


A lavish moment at the end where you get to enjoy just your favorite peaches.
It’s a shaved ice that’s great for peach lovers.
It was delicious. Thank you!


“PATISSERIE joel” offers sweets such as whole peach tarts in addition to their shaved ice, so it is a sweets shop that’s recommended for peach lovers.


Also, I’m happy to see them offer chocolates year-round.
・Fans of shaved ice
・Fans of sweets made with peaches
・Those searching for a shop to enjoy delicious shaved ice in the Yodoyabashi area
I recommend “PATISSERIE joel” which also happens to be in walking range from Umeda.



store PATISSERIE joel
tel 06-6152-8780
address Yodoyabashiodona 1F, 4-3-4, Kitahama, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 100m from Yodoyabashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Thu.] 11:00~21:00 [Fri.] 11:00~22:00 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:00~20:00
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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