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Eggs’n Things opens in THE PARK FRONT HOTEL right next to Universal Studios Japan(USJ)!

Eggs’n Things opens in THE PARK FRONT HOTEL right next to Universal Studios Japan(USJ)!

Eggs’n Things opened in the first floor of THE PARK FRONT HOTEL, located right next to USJ!


Many stores line Universal Citywalk Osaka, the stretch of road that goes from Universal City Station to Universal Studios Japan.


Today I will report on the Hawaiian food and Sweets I enjoyed at Eggs’n Things, the new spot that opened on July 22, 2015, very close to Universal Studios Japan.


Eggs ‘n Things THE PARK FRONT HOTEL Store headed the start of operations on the first floor of THE PARK FRONT HOTEL, which also recently saw its grand opening on August 1, 2015.


It’s the 12th location in Japan, and the 4th in the Kansai region.


Its interior boasts high ceilings, and white undertones create a nice, low-key effect.


There is also a hefty line up of goods.


It has plenty of seating (74 seats), which is a nice touch.


The terrace seating, especially, has a nice open feeling.


The location is amazing; you can see the entrance to Universal Studios japan and the rollercoasters!


This time I was able to attend the reception that occurred the day before opening.


Once seated, the nice ladies on staff politely went over the menu.


The limited-time only Hawaiian menu featuring Papaya.


The special Dinner menu.


Pancake toppings and the seasonal drink menu.


A menu with beer, cocktails, wine, soft drinks, and more.
There’s a huge variety of food, sweets and drinks so I was really happy about that.


This time, I enjoyed Hawaii food, sweets, and drinks.


Lava Flow Mango, Milky Papaya Lemon, Coconut Blue, Acai Banana Yogurt.


Acai Bowl.


Papaya Board.


Rib-Eye Steak topped with Garlic Shrimp.


Kalua Pork & Cabbage


Lomilomi Salmon.


The frozen cocktail is packed with fruit and so deliciousssss!!!!!!
It really goes well with the Hawaiian food.


Meet ‘n Eggs.


Next up is a non-alcoholic Virgin Mai Tai.


Mai Tai is known as the Queen of Cocktails. It’s a rum-based tropical cocktail with orange liquer, and many types of juices.


It’s big and since it’s non-alcoholic even those who can’t drink alcohol can enjoy this Hawaiian treat to their heart’s content.


After enjoying my fill of Hawaiian food and drinks, it was sweets time.
A fruit pancake sample, featuring 4 toppings of strawberry, banana, pineapple and blueberry (¥1,600).


The limited-time only Liliko’i Papaya Pancake, made with lots of Papaya (¥1,550).


The fruit toppings, papaya included, are of course delicious, but I was shocked by how good the actual pancake was!


The flavor of the fragrant flour and butter coming from the fluffy, soft batter and the touch of saltiness are so pleasant. At first I planned for one pancake but I ate it all up.
I was able to try two types of pancakes.
It seems likes a recipe that wasn’t too different from pancakes at other places, but this seemed especially tasty.
It’s the type of place you want to stop by, even if just for pancakes.


This time I feasted on Hawaiian food, drinks and pancakes, and they were all just so much to eat and deliciously satisfying.
For a moment I even realized, I might come back just to visit Eggs ‘n Things, even if I wasn’t planning it as an aside to visiting Universal Studios Japan. It was so delicious. Thanks for the feast!


Eggs ‘n Things THE PARK FRONT HOTEL Store
is open from 9:00AM to 10:30PM so you can enjoy from breakfast to dinner in a wonderfully Hawaiian scene.
– For those who love Eggs ‘n Things
– For those who love pancakes
– For those looking for a cafe in Osaka serving delicious Hawaiian food
If this is you than I recommend Eggs ‘n Things THE PARK FRONT HOTEL Store, just beside Universal Studios Japan.


store Eggs ‘n Things THE PARK FRONT HOTEL Store
tel 06-6940-7248
address THE PARK FRONT HOTEL Universal Studios Japan® 3F, 6-2-52-305, Shimaya, Konohana-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 135m from Universal City Station
opening hours 9:00~22:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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