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At “Deiribashi Kintsubaya”, you can enjoy Kintoki Shaved Ice, made with delicious azuki beans!

At “Deiribashi Kintsubaya”, you can enjoy Kintoki Shaved Ice, made with delicious azuki beans!

If you're looking for shaved ice in the Umeda area, where azuki beans are especially delicious, then I recommend "Deiribashi Kintsuba"!


Established in 1930, “Deiribashi Kintsubaya” is a long-standing Japanese sweets shop that’s famous for its “kintsuba” treats.


However this time, I came to try out their shaved ice, not their kintsuba.


The shop is by the Deiribashi intersection, which is also close to Umeda.


The storefront is decorated with kintsuba and other Japanese sweets.


Once inside, you’ll see that shaved ice is the popular choice when eating in.


There were 4 types of shaved ice on the menu.


At first I was unsure of what to order, but the hostess brought out a magazine and showed me this one.


A Kintoki Shaved Ice with azuki beans in the middle. (¥500)


It’s time to eat!


The shaved ice was so fluffy, and really good with the flavor of the condensed milk. The gentle sweetness spreads through your whole mouth.
So deliciousssss!!!!


As you eat more of it, the large quantity of azuki beans start to appear from the middle.


The wonderfully sweet beans are a perfect match with milky ice.
So tasstyyyyyy!!!
It was delicious! What a feast!


“Deiribashi Kintsubaya” is a great place in the Umeda area to taste a delicious Japanese style shaved ice.
Today , I came after lunch, but the amount of ice and the price where a perfect size for me.


The hostess also had a really nice demeanor so I was instantly a fan. I’d love to come back again soon.


– For anyone who loves shaved ice
– For those looking for delicious kintsuba in Osaka
– For those searching for a shaved ice place that serves up some of Umeda area’s delicious azuki beans
To all of the above, I recommend “Deiribashi Kintsubaya”.



store Deiribashi Kintsuba
tel 06-6451-3819
address 3-4-10, Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 444m from Watanabe Bridge Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 10:00~19:00 [Sat.] 10:00~18:00
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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