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At the GOKAN Kitahama Main Store cafe, their sweets are available for dine-in!

At the GOKAN Kitahama Main Store cafe, their sweets are available for dine-in!

At the GOKAN Kitahama Main Store cafe, you can pick one of the sweets lined up in their display case and eat it in the store!


If you’re looking for a cafe within walking distance from Umeda where you can enjoy some classic patisserie sweets, then I’d like to recommend GOKAN Kitahama Main Store to you.

The store is near the Kitahama Subway Station.


When you enter the store, you’re greeted by the delicious smell of sweets…


Their display is also very stylish.


This time, I’m going to eat their sweets at the cafe area on the second floor.


At the GOKAN Kitahama Main Store cafe area, you can pick what you like among the sweets lined up in their display case.


All of them looked really delicious, but after taking my time poring over the sweets, I came up with the following three choices.


White Peach Shortcake (¥540).


GOKAN Roll Cake and Domestic Lemon Pie (¥454).


The combination of the soft and moist sponge cake, the juicy white peach, and the fresh cream produced an excellent deliciousness.


The tartness of the lemon gave a very pleasant spike to the mascarpone and the panna cotta. The texture, the taste, and how all this spreads in your mouth—everything about this lemon pie was wonderful.


Filled with the flavor of the rice flour and eggs used as ingredients combined with the sweetness of black soy beans—this was one splendid roll cake.
Each of these three sweets had excellent subtle flavors and textures.
If you had to introduce just one patisserie in Osaka to non-residents of Osaka, you can rest easy introducing them to GOKAN.
The sweets were very delicious. I had a wonderful time.


At GOKAN Kitahama Main Store, they have a really large variety of no-bake cakes, along with yummy baked sweets and breads which is one of their great points.


They have some baked sweets like fresh blueberry pies and fresh potato pies which are sized just right to take home as gifts.
・For people who want to enjoy some freshly made sweets
・For people looking for a cafe where they can eat some delicious sweets
・For people looking for delicious sweets they can take home as gifts in Osaka
I recommend you try GOKAN Kitahama Main Store.



store GOKAN Kitahama Main Store
tel 06-4706-5160
address Arai Building, 2-1-1, Imabashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 123m from Kitahama Station
opening hours [Shop] 9:30~20:00 (Sundays and National holidays 9:30~19:00) [Salon] 9:30~19:30
holiday 1/1 〜 1/3
Original(Written in Japanese)



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