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I had a satisfying peach shaved ice at the YUKINOHANA Dotonbori Store.

I had a satisfying peach shaved ice at the YUKINOHANA Dotonbori Store.

Enjoying a peach shaved ice at the Korean-style shaved ice cafe YUKINOHANA Dotonbori Store!


At CAFE YUKINOHANA, enjoying the Korean-style shaved ice (patbingsu) with the fine ice that has become a hot topic in the media.


I made a long-desired first visit to a shaved ice cafe I had been interested in from before.
While they have cafes in Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, I went to the Dotonbori cafe since the Shinsaibashi cafe was almost completely full.


The cafe is in a building just east of the Dotonbori branch of Don Quijote.


When I arrived I was surprised to see that the cafe space went from the first to the third floors, with 80 seats on the second floor.


At the YUKINOHANA Dotonbori Store, the system is to order at the counter on the first floor.


There are many shaved ices on the menu that look different from Japanese shaved ice.


Looking at the Green Soybean Flour Snow, there were many innovative shaved ices.
Somehow it was like I had come to Korea.


By the way, it seems that you can also do takeout.


When I was overwhelmed by the too many different kinds of shave ice, I discovered a poster about a shaved ice that used peaches.
I ordered this because I like peaches and it said that it was available for only a limited time.


I waited in a seat at a table until my shaved ice was ready.


On the second floor.


I took a seat by the window where I could see a model of an octopus.


I waited for my shaved ice to be made while having a look through the menu.


The mascot character Yuki-chan is cute. Yuki means snow in Japanese.


As I was doing this, the red light of the dedicated buzzer went on at the same time it started buzzing to let me know that my shaved ice was ready.


I went down to the first floor counter to pick up my shaved ice.


The whole surface was topped with sliced peaches.


And on top of that they had plopped a topping of yogurt ice cream.
The ice was not visible.


The number of peach slices was so many that I was almost not sure which one to start eating from.


Let’s eat!


The nicely firm peaches had a delicate sweetness.
It was an irresistible taste for those who love peaches.


The fine ice melted softly in my mouth.
It had a slightly milky and gentle taste.


Since the ice cream had a yogurt flavor, it was an accent that enhanced the sweetness of the peach.


It was a wonderful shaved ice with the tartness of the yogurt complementing the sweetness of the peach, as well as the sweet taste of the milk.
It was delicious. What a great treat!


Not only does YUKINOHANA have a rich variety of shaved ice, but it is a cafe where you can fully enjoy such Korean sweets like dessert-like toast.
Next time I think I would like to try the toast.
–For those who love shaved ice (patbingsu).
–For those who love Korean desserts.
–For those who want to experience the feeling of a light and fine ice melting in your mouth.
I recommend YUKINOHANA in Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori.



store YUKINOHANA Dotonbori Store
tel 06-6212-5522
address Pijebran Soemoncho Building 2F, 7-18, Soemoncho, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 375m from Nihonbashi Station
opening hours 12:00~24:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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