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I satisfied myself with cheesecake specialist Torkuchen’s time-limited peach shaved ice!

I satisfied myself with cheesecake specialist Torkuchen’s time-limited peach shaved ice!

You can enjoy patisserie-grade meticulousness in this shaved ice from cheesecake specialist shop, Torkuchen!


Have you ever found yourself craving some delicious shaved ice while in the Kyobashi area near the Osaka Castle?
If so, I’d like to recommend Torkuchen’s special shaved ice to you.


I heard they started serving shaved ice so I paid them a visit.


They have the most delicious-looking cheesecakes among other sweets lined up in the store, but, today, my target was their shaved ice.
They had the following four flavors offered on their menu:
・Shaved Ice Enhanced with Highly Aromatic Coffee
・Mango Shaved Ice Topped with Real Mango Pulp
・Peach Shaved Ice Topped with Real Peach Pulp
・Matcha Shaved Ice for Adults


I ordered the Peach Shaved Ice Topped with Real Peach Pulp (¥880).


On top of the peach-flavored ice are fresh peach slices. The peaches are then topped with some fresh cream.


This will undoubtedly look very appetizing to peach-lovers!
Feeling very excited, I take a bite!


The peach had a wonderful texture and was very juicy.
The rich sweetness of the peach spread thoroughly within my mouth.


The ice was rich in the flavor of peach syrup. This flavor makes even just the shaved ice itself enjoyable.


Take a bite with both pulp and ice and the flavor of the peach comes running and spreading a moment after.


Taking a bite of just peach is enjoyable. Taking a bite of only ice is also enjoyable. Taking a bite with some of the slightly sweet cream is also enjoyable.
This is a shaved ice you can only enjoy when fresh peaches are in season and most delicious.
That was very delicious. I had a wonderful time!


This time, I only had some shaved ice, but the delicious-looking sweets in the display case also looked perfect.
Next time, I would also like to try tasting their classic cheesecakes.
・To people who like shaved ice
・To people looking for delicious cheesecakes made with carefully selected ingredients
・To people looking for a cafe in the Kyobashi area where they can eat sweets within the store
I recommend you try Torkuchen.



store Torkuchen
tel 06-7172-0443
address Ogawa Building 1F, 1-14-4, Shiginonishi, Joto-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 541m from Kyobashi Station
opening hours 12:00~20:00
holiday Wednesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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