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Shinshinsha offers deliciously satisfying domestic orange shaved ice and watermelon shaved ice with a red wine fragrance!

Shinshinsha offers deliciously satisfying domestic orange shaved ice and watermelon shaved ice with a red wine fragrance!

You can enjoy shaved ice prepared with domestic oranges as well as watermelon shaved ice with a red wine fragrance at Shinshinsha in Tezukayama!


I really wanted to try some delicious shaved ice in Tezukayama, which is an area known for its large number of celebrity residents!
And after finding Shinshinsha, I have to tell you about how awesome this place is!


If you walk south from the Harimacho intersection on Nanko Street you will see the cafe over on your left.


Shinshinsha is attached to a ceramics workshop, and it is truly a one of a kind cafe.


I heard that their curry is also supposed to be amazing.
However, I didn’t get there until about five minutes before they stopped taking orders, so they were already out of curry when I visited.
From there, I decided to order some shaved ice!


They had seven different kinds of shaved ice when I stopped in, and I ended up going for the two choices below.


Watermelon Shaved Ice


Domestic Orange Shaved Ice


The watermelon shaved ice features a distinct red wine flavor that is highlighted with a bit of sourness from the raisins sprinkled throughout the ice.


The rich and flavorful oranges of the domestic orange shaved ice make for a refreshing and incredibly delicious treat.


Their shaved ice melts pretty quickly from the ample amount of syrup that they put on it, but it is just as rich and flavorful to drink up the melted portion once you get about halfway through.


The shaved ice really shows how well-made their syrup is. Good thing I decided to stop in, because this was truly delicious!


Shinshinsha has a new and unique look that is unlike anything else, and their shaved ice features tasty syrup that is unforgettable!
I would recommend Shinshinsha to any of the following people who are looking for something within walking distance from Nishitanabe Station:
– Shaved ice lovers.
– People looking to eat new and original shaved ice that looks just as good as it tastes.
– Someone who needs to find a good date spot that also offers tasty shaved ice.



store Shinshinsha
tel 06-6696-6313
address 1-3-14, Bandaihigashi, Sumiyoshi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 462m from Himematsu Station
opening hours 10:00~18:00
holiday Sundays (Check irregular holidays on facebook ( and web site (
Original(Written in Japanese)



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