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Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe’s “Thick Pancakes”

Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe’s “Thick Pancakes”

A new pancake restaurant has opened in Namba where you can enjoy thick pancakes, “Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe” !


“I want to eat thick pancakes in Namba!”
If you’re thinking this, I recommend “Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe”, which opened in August.


The café is located a little east of Osaka City Air Terminal (JR Namba Station).


On the storefront signboard, there are pictures of delicious looking pancakes.


I’ll infiltrate quickly!


The café is two stories.
The first floor has bar seating. The second has table seating. This time I was led to seats on the second floor.


I take a look at the menu without delay.
There are five styles of pancakes that are all pleasing to the eye.
No matter the style of pancake, the base pancake is thick.


Personally, I think the fact that the café doesn’t offer only pancakes, but also offers shaved ice is an attractive point.


This time, I ordered the atsuyaki pancakes.
The thick pancakes are garnished with white figs.
The care “Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe” takes with their pancakes is shown in the use of domestic flour from Gifu Prefecture, cultured buttermilk from France, and light brown sugar.


Homemade honey is also included.


Let’s eat!


A crispy outside and a fluffy inside.
The flour’s flavor spreads throughout your mouth.
Personally, I recommend putting an ample amount of the natural honey on your pancakes.
It was very delicious.


After finishing my pancakes, I enjoyed some shaved ice.


The café is so comfortable and relaxing that it doesn’t feel like you’re in Namba and it’s easy to stay for a long time without realizing it.
・If you love pancakes,
・if you love shaved ice,
・if you’re looking for a café in Namba where you can unwind,
we recommend “Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe”.



store Motomachi 1-Chome Cafe
tel 06-6556-9088
address 1-3-17, Motomachi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 144m from Namba Station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours 10:00~18:00
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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