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GOOD PROVISION’s Mascarpone Ricotta Pancakes

GOOD PROVISION’s Mascarpone Ricotta Pancakes

If you're planning on having pancakes at LUCUA1100, then I highly recommend the mascarpone ricotta pancakes from GOOD PROVISION!

When you want to load up on pancakes in Osaka’s Umeda area, you’ve got to try GOOD PROVISION on the 10th floor of LUCUA1100.


GOOD PROVISION is mainly a steak and hamburger joint, but they also serve pancakes.


I first noticed these whopping pancakes on the bottom right corner of the menu board that’s decorated by the front of the restaurant!
I was a little hesitatant because I really wanted a light dessert to eat after lunch, but I decided to go for it!
So I went inside.


The interior design had a an American taste and stylishness to it.


There was even a DJ booth-looking thing.
The restaurant’s pretty open and spacious on the inside.


This time I was seated by the window.
Sitting there, looking out on the Grand Front Osaka and the Umeda Sky Building, gives you this open, wonderful sense of freedom.


I quickly went over the menu.


There amongst the steak, hamburgers, eggs benedict and other American fare, the pancakes really stood out to me.


They also had waffles and tarts but I chose to go with the pancakes.


I ordered the Mascarpone Ricotta Pancakes (¥1,400 with tax)


The pancakes came out topped with two big ice cream scoops.
Bon Apetit!


The pancakes were really soft and spongy.
The mascarpone and ricotta cheese are blended into the batter, giving it this wonderful round flavor.


Plus it matches perfectly with the flavor of the rich, chocolate ice cream.


The slight acid from the raspberry scoop is a nice break from the rich flavors, making it easy to keep eating bite after bite.


I got halfway through it without stopping.


So I took a quick breather.
Usually I order coffee or black tea, but today I ordered an apple juice.
The refreshing flavor was a little different from the raspberry, and gave me a chance to take a break from all the rich flavors.


I battled through the second half.
The flavors of the thick, dense pancakes, rich chocolate ice cream, refreshing raspberry and lightly whipped cream were balanced well.
I was able to eat it all without any issues.
It was so delicious. Thanks for the feast!
These pancakes are stacked pretty high so you could easily share between two or more people.


To think there was a such a nice, comfortable spot in the LUCUA1100 connected to Osaka station…
I think I might try out the steak next time, too.
– For those who love pancakes
– For those looking for pancakes in Umeda, Osaka with a new look and feel
– For those who want a whopping portion of pancakes
I recommend the Mascarpone Ricotta Pancakes at GOOD PROVISION.



tel 06-6151-1413
address LUCUA 1100 10F, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 122m from Osaka Station
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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