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MUJI Cafe at Grand Front Osaka :  I had a piece of NY Cheesecake that tasted of matcha at “Cafe&Meal MUJI”!

MUJI Cafe at Grand Front Osaka : I had a piece of NY Cheesecake that tasted of matcha at “Cafe&Meal MUJI”!

If you want to enjoy matcha and soft cheese all at once, I would recommend Matcha NY Cheesecake at “Cafe&MealMUJI” North side 4F in Grand Front Osaka!


If you want to enjoy matcha and cheese all at once, my recommended cake for a greedy person like you is;
Matcha NY Cheesecake at Cafe&Meal MUJI.


“Cafe&Meal MUJI” which is located in MUJI, you can enjoy delicious meals and desserts in open space.


I was meant to only be having a meal there, but I had to go to get a dessert at the cake display counter.


There were eight kinds of dessert in the cake display counter.


I thought all of them were attractive, but I fell in love with the cake in which you can enjoy both matcha and cheese.


I ordered the Matcha NY Cheesecake (450yen) which comes with matcha and cheesecake.


The cake had dense base flavors; alot of matcha and cheese.
The moment after you taste the bitterness of matcha, the flavor of rich cheese comes up.
They both tasted rich, I would recommend it to someone who likes rich flavors.
It was delicious. Thank you so much!


At Cafe&Meal MUJI, you can not only have meals, you can enjoy desserts with carefully selected ingredients, which is an extra treat.
・If you like cheesecakes
・If you like maccha flavor desserts
・If you are looking for cafe that serves delicious desserts in Grand Front Osaka
MUJI’S Cafe “Cafe&Meal MUJI”’s Matcha NY Cheesecake is recommended!



store MUJI Cafe at Grand Front Osaka
tel 06-6359-2173
address North building 4F ,Grand Front Osaka , 3-1, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 326m from Osaka Station
opening hours 10:00~21:00
holiday Same as Grand Front Osaka
Original(Written in Japanese)



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